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Emily Shiruma

“Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” -Haile Selassie

The feeling in the start of the challenge was not funny. I grew up without any means of communicating (in writing it down even to myself or explain it to anyone) what I want to do. Now here is Hannes, want me to write down what I’m going to do and report back for 49 days, he might not be serious I suppose. Being technical and critical in my ways, I decided to do it and make sure I start with what I’m supposed to do for Hannes and be out of it for the day. I want to see what they say is working by this system
Learning is what I like most, open-minded and don’t just take what others believe. Down to earth in what ever I’m doing. I am interdisciplinary not a specialist in anything but I can swim in most careers but crippled with those skills within me. I’m not diplomatic when somebody asks me something. I end up being prone to dangerous advantage takers who take my ideas and implement them as theirs earning billions and I’m poor.
Unnoticed, within two weeks of the Kaizen Challenge start I managed to finish three-paged first draft of my company’s profile. I postponed doing this profile for two years and now in the middle of the third year it’s done. Oh! What an achievement! And….what a click! Now just because the profile is there I started to talk about my company (IMIN CONSULTING that I registered in 2005) and got a project of not less than R100 000.00. As I’m writing this report, I’m in the closing stage of the project. I’m busy preparing for my company website, you will see it before month end November.
And yes Dr Hannes Dreyer, it’s working! It’s so simple for one to believe that it can work. My programming is for difficult systems. And… this one of yours sounded too good to be true.
Anyway, my average day has gone from procrastinating and plan small things for the day and finish them, what a relief. Through Kaizen Challenge I experience to live one day at a time and have them all in harmony. I’m feeling capable now beyond doubt. I’m so impressed by what I have achieved within this small period of time. I can definitely recommend one to go for it. For those who are energetic, perfectionists and working so hard but without progress, Kaizen is a fantastic system to help you focus.
Kaizen Challenge to me was really a momentum of my life. The ability to get advice from the right people at the right time has been phenomenal in this case. Thanks to Dan Matsapola. To Hannes Dreyer, may your work flow and reach where it’s supposed to reach. Somebody once said “Intelligence is coupled with sense of direction and God have them both...”

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