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Floris Coetzee

I used to get this occasional bright idea, of which signing up for this Kaizen Challenge was one. Now I'm working on letting more of these type of ideas come looking for me....

Looking back, it all started with recognizing this feeling in the gut.
A feeling that’s always been there: I can and should be better, there should be more to my life, a purpose.
Then the choice: do I switch off the TV/put down all the nice technological toys and gadgets busy entertaining me, to face that feeling and find out what it wants?
Taking the responsibility, and doing it, was the best choice I ever made.
Then started the laying of a foundation: a re-programming of habits, and old, wrong thought patterns I never even knew I put there. I soon realized that reprogramming me a brand new mindset was not a week’s work. Or a year’s. This was a going to be, and supposed to be, a lifelong job.
It’s about starting with the little things: changing small habits, taking the first small steps, but doing it and keeping it in mind it constantly. Then onto the next level. From there it can, and will snowball.
So this is where I am now:
I know that I am, and constantly will be aware of my thoughts and my feelings, and these negative thoughts, man, they’re going to have a hard time getting to me up here..
I have grown to love, and know that I will spend time every day contemplating who, what and where I am in life, and where I’m going. My goal is not to go on a solo into the Himalayas for months at a time (but it might be an idea…), but rather to strengthen my focus on my being and my own little mission.
I know that I’ll have to block out a lot of the noise, the info overload out there, and I will decide what to pursue, what to explore, and what has an influence on me
I know that I should not take things personally, and I should take responsibility for what I want to happen in my life.
I know that it will seem like a daunting task at times, when I’ll be faced with negative emotions. Then I’ll compose myself, and focus on just taking the next step.
I know that I’ll be constantly learning and improving, and it will keep exciting me. I know that I will continually strive to achieve a balance in, and between all areas in my life.  I know that this will be good for me, those around me, and the greater good, and this journey, my life, will never cease to come up with these exciting flavors And to think that this is barely the beginning…., Dude: are we goanna go places…..

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