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Francois Basson

The KAIZAN CHALLENGE did confirm a lot of the teachings that I have learned from Hannes Dreyer the last 3 years on the Property Course + Mentoring Course + Powermorping Workshop + Business and Marketing Development Workshop + Retire Quickly Workshop.

I do come from an "old school" upbringing and some of these "teachings" were very foreign to me indeed!! By "old school" I was taught to be very sure not to make any mistakes by changing jobs or trying out risks!! Rather get a "secure" job with pension + medical aid + all the trimmings needed for an safe life.
The Kaizen Challenge cannot be described in isolation due to the influence of the other courses and workshops I did with Hannes and the team.
I started very slow in the beginning and only now I am starting to feel and see the great way my life is turning around for the better for  myself + family + greater Universe.
I was jumped started by a comment of a relative of mine when I invited him to Hannes - He said the following - I hear those "type" of people a lot at work and if it gives you a kick (GO FOR IT !!!). (YOU WONT BELIEVE ME BUT THIS COMMENT CAME FROM SOMEONE WHO WORKS FOR ESCOM !!!)
That comment kicked me in the butt!!
From that day forward life will never be the same for me again. I intend to show myself with the help of my (small ) family that I will go for it!!!
My wife is very sick with Crohns and at this stage there are not any cure for it. With the info I got from Hannes we went to see Dr. Frans Kromhout and he helped here a lot during the Challenge. 
On a daily basis my life are being looked at from new angles and time are indeed very well looked after due to the fact that it cannot be wasted by filling it with useless information. My travelling time to and from work are spend listening to CD's with help full teachings from JIM ROHN , ZIG ZIGLER , DENIS WAITLEY , CHRIS WIDENER , RON WHITE , JOHN GRAY ETC.
Due to the fact that I had to get ADSL for the Mentoring Course at home I suddenly had this wealth of INFORMATION at my finger tips that I never thought was possible.
At this stage of my life I am at the brink of something MAJOR that will again transform me for ever and I know it will be for the better of us all!!
I THANK YOU HANNES + Tanja, Karla, Lara and team for ever !!!

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