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Gerhard Hattingh

My biggest challenge during the Kaizen Challenge was doing the challenge and completing it.

I am a pilot (ex-helicopter pilot and again in the future) and no two days in a row are the same. I never go to bed at the same time due to different flight schedules (one day getting up at 03:45 to start work at 04:45 and going to bed the next day at midnight due to a late landing. Then next week I am doing an international flight and don’t sleep during the night at all while sleeping during the day. Therefore I did most of my quite time at night before going to sleep. I also found that it helped me to sleep better and getting up after sleeping helped for a positive start to the day.
I have done many self-improvement courses through the years, but this is the first that takes one on a journey and requires consistency for such a long time. I am actually writing this long since completing the challenge, as I wanted to see the outcome of it all. After finishing a self-improvement course / seminar I am always on a high, but it tends to fade as time passes.
What have changed since starting the Kaizen Challenge?
I have completely stopped drinking any form of alcohol more than seven months ago. I don’t need it to relax or have a good time at a braai with friends. Drinking alcohol puts one’s brain in neutral or even reverse gear and therefore you cannot go forward to fulfill your purpose on earth.
I have walked with bare feet on hot coals and broke an arrow without using my hands. Things I thought were impossible to do.
I still have my quite time during the evening just before going to sleep. It also helps me to plan the next day in advance. Did you know that by reading only four pages per day you read through the entire Bible in less than a year?
It is not the big things you do that that brings long term awards but the seemingly insignificant little things that at the end will bear the biggest and most rewarding fruits.
God is Truth and Light and the Word that became flesh. We are creations in His image. Truth and light are part of our being. We can only fulfill our true purpose if we keep this in mind: on our own we are nothing. We are but batteries that have potential to be charged and then we can be useful. If we do things on our own power we run out of electricity, so we constantly need to recharge by plugging in to Him. "But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth" Deut 8:18, Amplified Bible, Zondervan, 1987.
Hannes, thank you again for all the things that you are prepared to teach to those who are willing to learn from you.

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