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Gerrie Van Niekerk

Kaizen it - Constant and Never Ending improvement. I will never reach perfection but I will always aim for it (Without Procrastinating) I will make regular small successes and reach my goals with seemingly no effort. Most important I will make a Difference in other people's lives. My goals are 100% Desirability and 100% Difficulty. I am one in a Million. I am a Success. I am a Wealth Creator.

A few weeks before I started the Kaizen Challenge a friend and I had a long discussion about the Bestselling Book “The Secret”. Everything the Book claimed seemed so right and again at the same time so wrong. Even just picking up the book in the Bookstore and browsing through it felt wrong and sent chills up and down my spine... I spent a lot of time in prayer about it, asking God to tell me of what they teach is from Him or the Devil. He said that I will know by the kind of Fruit they bear... I could not find any quotes out of the Bible when I quickly paged through the book although I would be able to find verses to back up some of the things they say. I got a big shock when I visited their Website and one of the writers said – with a very straight face – that we are gods. It all sounded very New Age and that they totally depend on their own “power” and do not give any Glory to God, so I decided to avoid the secret even though I thought by myself that I can rewrite the book based on the principles that Jesus taught in the Bible.
A few days later I got an e-mail from Hannes Dreyer about the Kaizen Challenge. At first it sounded very much the same as “The Secret”, but because I have heard Hannes speak about God at his seminars and knowing of the money he gave to the Pretoria School of Cerebral Palsy (the Fruit he bears) I decided to look a bit deeper into this Kaizen Challenge.
After reading just a few testimonials of people who did the Challenge and can't stop Praising the Lord for what He did in their lives and one who even calls Hannes a “Tool of God” I decided to sign up.
A Life changing Decision...
It was amazing how God took me by the hand and led me through the Kaizen Challenge. Whenever I had any doubts about the day's lesson God spoke to me and confirmed what I learned in that day's lesson by repeating it at my cell group or church or even in the book I was reading: Jesus Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones.
It was Amazing. Jesus lives and I love Him very much. I agree Hannes is a Tool of God. Every single Lesson I learned throughout the Kaizen Challenge was absolutely shocking and at the same time vindicating... At first the Truth hurts and then you try to deny in and then you accept it and it sets you free.
It is the Truth that has set me Free...(Joh 8:32 MKJV) And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. My eyes have been opened... No longer is my mind a public thoroughfare. Whenever I have a negative thought I immediately take it captive (2Kor10:5 & now the Kaizen Challenge) and replace it with my positive Affirmation that is based on the Fruit of the Spirit, which I can already feel manifesting in my life.
With the wisdom of hindsight it is easy to see why all the goals I set for myself on the past never realized. I sabotaged myself by my own negative thoughts and by false beliefs even before I got started. From now on I will not let the media or people feed me lies that only serve them. I will question it all and not let them programme me with false beliefs and blatant lies so that I can serve their goals mindlessly.
From now on all the goals I set – which will feel Good to me and be Good for me and be Good for all other people involved and serve the Greater Good (serve our Great God) – will be Manifested and Realized in my life for I am in control of my thoughts and therefore I am in control of my Results, Environment and Life.
I too was born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within me... To Him all the Glory and Honor.

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