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Gerrit Geyser

During this challenge, I have experienced the most personal development in my life over the shortest period of time. It has meant the world to me. Doing a bit of quiet time every day made the big difference.
My approach to life changed a lot. I treasure my quiet time and I see the value in it more and more. I do not go to the office before I did not spend my quiet time. Previously, I felt guilty when I was not in my office at latest at 7:45. Now I do not mind.
I am in my office at 9:00. I am much more relaxed, no traffic and with a very clear mind. I am happy that I have spent very valuable time alone, helped my wife with our newborn baby and spent some time with them as well.
I see and experience the meaning of putting in the big rocks first in to my bottle.
Previously I had to know exactly what is going on in the news. I’ve checked on the news24 website at least eight times a day to see what is happening in our world. Now, it doesn’t matter to me so much what is going on in the world. If it does not affect me, or I can not change it, I do not want to know about it.
I am saving a lot of time this way, and a lot of thinking time. Just by not reading the news or getting paranoid about it, I easily save an hour or more a day.
Before the challenge, I was always in a rush.
When I’ve got to do something I just went over the instructions very briefly. Like this challenge, when I got the instructions. I went over the instructions very briefly and as fast as possible. I did not read everything. Just what I thought was enough to get me going.
After the first seven days, certain questions came up. I’ve sent e-mails. They did not get answered. After another two days, I went back to the instructions and I’ve got my questions answered.
I am now paying much more attention and read through the instructions carefully. I now have the time and it saved me a lot of time as well. I get so much more out of the things I am doing now.
When our child was born, I’ve also had the questions on my mind, where is our world going to???
In what school am I going to put him in?
What are the standards going to be, etc etc?
The further I went into this challenge, the more and more peace of mind I got regarding these questions.
I realized that I am responsible for my kids’ future. I can teach him much more about love by experiencing love than anybody else can. Being happy as a person and have a happy marriage and family life will equip him for life. Learning him to apply more “power” in every relationship, to be a wealth creator, have good habits from a young age etc, will teach him much more that almost any school system can teach him.
This was a great relief for me and I suddenly am looking forward to his future and to teach him all these things. This was a big rock that came off my shoulders. It also gives meaning to the hour that I am later at the office and time well spent with my family.
During the day, I am making sure that I am doing my programming. I am saying my affirmations and I am taking small baby steps that are towards my goals.
Previously I was a people’s pleaser.
Now I am not, and it feels like I have much more respect for myself and I experience a lot more respect from other people as well.
The daily writing down of my tasks also meant a lot to me. It gave me guidance and certainty about my day.
At the end of the day, it gave me a bit of satisfaction (in a sense a celebration) that I have achieved my daily tasks. In some cases I do not see visible results yet, but I know they will be coming.
One morning, halfway during the challenge, I broke out laughing. I’ve laughed out loud all the way to the office.
The feeling that I experienced was that I do not have to worry about the future anymore. I just have to do, each day, that I have to do, and the future will take care of itself. What a relief.
Suddenly I realized that I can become anything that I want to be, I can do anything that I want to do and that I can have anything that I want to have.
 I just have to apply what I have learned in the challenge. I did not know how I am going to achieve all my dreams, but I’ve realized that I am going to achieve them.
Since that day, so many opportunities are coming my way; I can choose which ones are the best. I am such a happy person now. I am looking forward to the future in terms of my financial goals as well.
The effect of this challenge for me can be summed up in the following sentences.
Thoughts become things.
If I want to change my outer world, begin by changing my inner world.
The bible also states that what I am thinking about will determine my whole life. This challenge showed me why and how this process works.
This challenge made me aware of the working of this “law” that is working the whole time, even if I do not know it. The exercise of the battleship was excellent regarding this. The beauty of this process is that I can apply it to anything.
I am now much more aware on what I am thinking about. I make sure that I am doing the programming of my thoughts. I make sure that my thoughts are towards my goals.
To extend this challenge for the rest of my life, I will do it as follows: I’ve made the decision that I will apply the kaizen principle on a daily basis.
I will keep the discipline of spending quiet times in the mornings alone.
I will be and keep in touch with the omnipotent, omnipresent power.
Experience it, engage and accept it.
I will write down what needs to be done for that day and I will do everything possible to finalise the tasks that I have written down.
At the end of the day, I will tick off everything that I have completed on that day. I will be able to congratulate myself on the daily goals reached.

I will make sure I am thinking positive thoughts that are towards my goals.

I will make sure that I am doing the programming of my thoughts, not the media or whoever.

I will be grateful and I will see the beauty in the world we live in.

I will better myself by educating myself.

I will take responsibility of my life and my actions.

I will look for ways to grow.

Small successful daily tasks will lead to a successful life. It can not lead to anything else.

I will use more and more power in everything that I do.

As you have indicated in the Powermorphing workshop – My programming leads to my thoughts, my thoughts leads to my feelings, my feelings lead to my actions and my actions lead to results.

I will make sure that I will make all these steps successful on a daily basis – then my results cannot be something else than successful.

According to me, the quality needed is discipline.

The discipline to do these basic things on a daily basis.

The discipline to take responsibility of my own life.

The discipline to do things different.

In my case, it was a challenge to go in to the office later than usual.
My previous conditioning was that I always have to be busy. Always knows what is going on in the news. I was always under pressure. Always tell everybody that I do not have time, I have so much to do.
Suddenly that whole feeling is gone. And now I have more time and I am getting more things done.
I do not mind about what other people will think about me or my actions.
I must have systems in place that are tried and tested. I must have the willingness to learn.
I’ve learned that this challenge is actually the beginning. And what a beginning it is. It will remind me of what is possible if I do the basics right. And it will motivate me further to do the basics right.
I have accomplished my goal with this challenge. I’ve put in the time. I’ve put in the energy. My mind changed. And I will put in the money when necessary.
Some of my dreams are:

I want to be happy. I know I can choose to be happy no matter what. I am doing it already as far as possible. Sometimes I am not, I then want to change other people. I realize then that I am responsible for me and I then go back and work on myself.

I want to be the best I can be. What is the best? Before I’ve done the Powermorphing, I did not really know. Maybe just money…and material wealth. In the Powermorphing course I’ve learned about the wheel of life. I thought that not all the areas are needed, especially professional development. During this challenge I realized why it I have to be balanced I all areas of my life. I decided that I want to study further and get a doctorate degree. I’ve made an appointment with Prof Horn. He sent me back to go and do some homework. I still did not decide what I am going to do, but I am definitely going to do it.

My financial goal changed during this challenge. I am going to have a nett asset value of R21 million on or before 30 November 2011. It stopped there. During this challenge, I’ve brought in one extra sentence: “Thereafter I want my money to grow at a rate of 50% per annum”. Suddenly everything that I do must enable me to handle that growth. My systems, my business structures, my mindset etc. After I brought in this sentence, I feel much more at ease with my financial goal.



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