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Giovanni Olori

I have spent the last few years reading up on self improvement material and generally believed I was a positive person. I thought that the only factor that played havoc with me was a problem with financial constraint over the years which I put down to an emotional or mental blockage of some sort.

When I attended Hannes’s Seminar I was impressed by what I saw as his holistic approach to Wealth Creation that is the referral to mindset and taking responsibility. Soon I registered and attended some of his courses including the Fire walk which was a great experience.
After my third attempt at the Kaizen Challenge I managed to stick to it and discovered after a few days I was looking forward to the daily lessons. Slowly into the challenge I found that I become more organized with my time and started being more productive and efficient in many areas. One of the biggest “penny’s to drop” was Hannes continuously repeating “TAKE RESPONSIBILITY’. It is something that one often hears but for the first time I consciously started applying the concept .This was the turning point of my mind shift and from here on I automatically cannot find something or someone to blame.
Another area I previously found difficult and uncomfortable with, was meditation. By having to meditate everyday in the Kaizen Challenge I was forced to put the time and energy and this over time became second nature and pleasant to go into the silence.
After daily meditation I found that I have more energy and that less unnecessary thoughts are entering my mind, this has also almost removed that anxiety I used to get about financial restraints which at times bogged me down.
A few days ago I was sitting in the lounge and out of the blue this incredible feeling of absolute bliss overcame me. There are no words to describe this Utopia. I can only attempt to use words such as Love, Joy, Contentment, Happiness and Heaven. It lasted for about half an hour. If I could have this half an hour everyday I would need nothing else.
The only attempt to justify this “Miracle” is to believe that one has found one’s true inner self.(The Truth). Since that day I have craved to experience that half an hour.At one of Hannes’s courses I suggested that his “TEMS” should have being “METS”. I believe that with the right Mindset you can put in the Energy and Time to create the dollars.
All in all I do not have a story of financial success yet. The most important thing that I have taken away with me through part of this journey is that I have started a strong foundation of mindset which in time will propel me off in Health, Wealth and Happiness.
I want to thank God for allowing me to find Hannes who started me on this magical path. 

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