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Glen Scott

What the Kaizen Wealth Transformation Challenge has meant to me over the past 49 days is a complete life transformation.  I feel that these past days have been the building of the foundation of my mental fitness.  I have learnt to change time to "me" time.  I have learnt the importance of the five senses.  I have learnt to take control and to be aware that mind is the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect.  All power is from within and that my thoughts control my destiny.  All growth is from within and denying growth I deny life.  I have come to realize that the Spirit is the Omnipotent and closer is He than breathing and nearer than hands and feet.  On the spiritual side I have learnt so much I did not know.  I have especially learnt the importance of investing in myself.  The more I learn, the more I become free.  I am learning so that I can live a life of abundance in all seven areas of life.  In the past I thought that finance revolved around money and that financial wealth was important.  Now that I have done the Kaizen Challenge I think totally different thoughts.

I approach life differently with the realization that Silence offers an every available and almost unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest concept of Truth.  Truth is powerful.  I now make it a must to put in the Time, Effort and Responsibility to find our more and to make this a benefit to my family and myself.  I make a point of putting aside time in the morning and evenings to meditate and pray.  I have come to realize the importance of rest, diet, exercise, that likes attract likes and that it is important to first give in order to receive.  I now explore each thought that comes to mind in more depth and realize the importance of making dreams become realities.  I realize now that your thoughts are what you are and how important your spirit is - it is totally you.

My average day is a total about change.  I start the morning with prayer and meditation.  I then go for a brisk walk and instead of planning what needs priority at work I now turn my thoughts to creating my own plans to become free.  I have changed my diet for the better good and now incorporate foods that feed the brain.  On returning from work in the evening, my wife and I make it a priority to go through our "TO DO" list and then to organize the family to do various chores.  We then make it a priority to spend quality time with our children.  Finally go to bed and spend some time gaining and bettering my knowledge by studying the mentoring course which will benefit me in all ways, reading the Bible and then turning out the lights, saying prayers and allowing the body time to rest.

Will now make it a personal goal to redo the Kaizen Challenge as many times as is possible.  To change my ways, my mindset for the better good.  To reprogram my subconscious mind and to delete all negativity that possibly becomes ever present.  To make learning and reading a daily ritual so that I can grow and become independent.  My dream is to become a wealth creator, to live a balanced life and to work on this on a daily basis.  It must be constant and never ending.  For many years in the past I would confused, frustrated and could not understand what was happening and then I came to the realization that I was the one who had to do something about it.  I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and from that day have never look back.

The qualities needed would be Mindset, Truth, Thought, Spirit, Harmony, Love, Perseverance, Health, Nutrition, Wealth Creation, Family and Home and ultimately God as the centre of the Universe.  I would have to instill strong disciplines and maintain the power not to revert back to the past - to the old habits - and not to fall for all that we see and hear through the media.  To make it my responsibility to find out what the Truth really is and what it is not.  To have the ability to change all experience into Class 1 experiences for the better good for the entire family.  I will use everything which I have learnt through the Kaizen Challenge - e.g. willpower, perseverance, self discipline, reaching for a dream and making this dream become a reality.

I feel that Prayer and Meditation and silent time are the forerunners of my daily program.  Thereafter follow spirit, finance, vocation, mental thinking, family and home, socializing and physical fitness.

Some of my challenges encountered was definitely the ability to change.  This was very difficult as well as the ability to think of something and hold it within the  mind.  To have to change my mindset and previous conditioning and the set ways and teaching already instilled in me from the age of 7.  I am learning to take control of my own destiny and not leave it in the hands of others.  I am living a life of abundance and to take full responsibility for every cause and every effect.

In closing I would like to say a very big Thank-you to Dr. Hannes Dreyer for everything which he has taught me as well as for the enrichment you have made in my life and that of my family.  May God Bless you and your family and also many thanks to your staff for all their help and assistance.

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