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Hannes Gerber

Am I rich yet??

This is a question I wrote down a few weeks before I started the Kaizen Challenge.
And the answer I wrote down to the question was this: No. I am not rich yet, in the sense of being financially independent, but boy - do I live a life of abundance!
Now that I have done the Kaizen Challenge?  I will phrase it like this......
Am I wealthy yet?  And the answer to the question will be: 
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!  OFF COURSE I AM WEALTHY and living a live of abundance.  Wealthy sounds like an understatement of what I experience and feel at this very moment!
This challenge has meant such a lot to me, I should actually say it was indescribable!!
I can truly say I am a changed man.  I now see and do so many things in a different way.
I need to start with the scripture from Jer 3:21 that I now understand and see in a completely new light:
Set up road signs, put up guide posts.  Take note of the highway, the road that you take.....  For the first time in my life I know exactly where I am going to!  I also know who I am and what I am capable off!  I've got goals, power goals, plans and strategies written down.
I start my day completely different.  When I awake. I am thankful for another day  in which I am going to be the best that I can be.
I start with saying to myself that I am happy, healthy and wealthy.   Before I look at anything I need to do for the day, I have MY TIME!  I have also written this (MY TIME) down on every page of my diary for the rest of the year.
In "my time" I read, meditate, journal, pray and seek silence.
I know now that I can create any condition that I want in life. I also know that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
I am therefore nobody's slave anymore.  I take  full responsibility for my own life.  I am excited, I have more energy, I am enthusiastic and my wife says I am much more loving and caring, not only towards the family, but also other people.  My sons says he have never seen me so positive and full of plans.
I find myself correcting my thoughts and words during the day.  I used to focus on making money .... now I focus on helping people to make money and all of a sudden more business is generated.
Since the start of the Kaizen Challenge, I have given up watching TV altogether and found myself turning down the volume of the radio when the adverts appear.
Boy, there are so many changes! This list can last for ever.
Will I do it again?
Yes, I will!  Even though it was tough sometimes and I had to re read and look up words in the dictionary or on internet, struggling to understand, I will do it again and are going to keep on doing it anyway!
This is my next step into constant and never ending improvement - Kaizen -I need to keep on watching as little TV as possible as well as listening to the radio.... I need to read some or all the books that was mentioned in the last day of the Kaizen Wealth Challenge. I need to keep on studying, all courses that would make me grow as a person as well as the mentor course. 
Something from another book I read during the challenge stuck to me....
Our life is not a process of "getting from God"  It is a process of renewing the mind and learning to realize what  you've already received.  If you don't understand that you don’t have already received, there will always be an element of doubt.
Don't try all kinds of things of being good, or reading Bible or tithing in an attempt to motivate God to give you what you need.  God has already given it, and ....
After reading from Ezekiel 16 I realized that  - we get abundance when our spirit receives a body, in other words, when we are born,.  Then we loose it by what we are taught and what we do thereafter.  Only when we really start searching for the truth, and our inner world is actually warning us that we are on the wrong route, we find the abundance that has been prepared for us again.
I therefore will reach my dreams because I have already received what has been prepared for me!

To me, THAT IS THE CHALLENGE – to become the best that I can be.

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