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Heather Pienaar

I know I have changed over the last 49 days. In fact, a number of work colleagues and friends have commented on it. 

I have completely given up reading the daily newspapers. It's given me more time in my day.
Never being one to watch much TV, I watch even less and find my eldest daughter doing the same. She is closer to me now than before, and has an interest in following the challenge herself some time.
I park deliberately park my car in the lower basement at work, so that I can use the stairs (79 of them - twice a day), running up them most of the time.
I try to plan ahead and arrive early / on time for meetings or leave when meetings are scheduled to finish, rather than stay when they run over the scheduled time. This has reduced some of the stress from my day instead of rushing from one meeting to the next.
I am attending church on Sundays. Something I haven’t done in over a year
I am praying twice a day, often more.
My daily routine has changed, and I find I am accomplishing more.
I have lost approximately 2,5kgs – not through dieting. I am fitter from using the stairs.
My goal of creating an income surplus is closer than it was 49 days ago.
I feel as if I have woken from a long deep sleep, refreshed, renewed and energized. I am ready and prepared for my new life. 
I am grateful for what I have.
I am honored to have you as my mentor and for what has been revealed to me.
I see everything with new eyes – brighter, more colorful, and sharper. I am in awe of the greatness around us.
I now question, instead of taking things for granted.
I check which class of experience I will have, before I make a decision.
I am increasingly irritated with what I hear on the radio and often reject what is being said. I explain why to my children, to make them aware of what is going on around them.
My average day is different from two months ago. I give thanks on waking, I pray. I make affirmations and declarations.
I have started visualizing my goals.
I formulate in my mind what I need to do for the day before I get up.
On getting to work, if I do not have a meeting I write down what needs to be done. I then down load the KC lesson for the day, print it out and take time out to follow the exercise.
I will certainly continue with what I have learned. Varying and improving, as I am at the beginning of my journey. I also intend to re-visit the lessons and exercises.
Qualities I need, discipline, patience, persistence, to continue learning and apply what I have learnt.
I have never meditated before. I never knew how. I am amazed how thoughts try and bounce through my mind as I attempt to clear the clutter and enjoy the silence.
I intend to read those books recommended by you in the challenge and in the mentoring program.
I was surprised at some of the challenges I was faced with. The biggest was not being able to find a quiet place to do the exercise. Being in an open plan office does not help. I found the best place, was in my car parked in the basement.
Another, was that I battled to download the lesson over weekends. I use my 3G cell phone as a modem. Thankfully I could get the reading but only occasionally, could I capture my plan and achievements. I overcame the problem by keeping a manual record and capturing it at work on Mondays.
Not being a morning person, I found it difficult to find a quiet place at home during the day. After a few weeks I found it better to get up earlier and follow the lesson before the family woke.
I found I had a tendency to reject some of the information I was presented with, on the challenge. I soon realized it was due to my parents conditioning. On reading further, understanding what was explained, sometimes with further investigation and thought, I found no reason why I should reject what was being revealed in the lessons.
I want to share what I know and have learnt with my children, family, friends and strangers. Particularly those who want to learn from others rather than having to re-invent the wheel. I know now, I can have whatever I want, it is up to me, for I have the tools and the knowledge within my reach.  

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Steve Musumba
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From the first day I met you Hannes, at one of your free seminars, I realized that you were all about practical application of sound theory. It was very clear to me that you are a man of principle and someone who does not believe in Read more...
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Doing this in itself is a kaizen moment for me. To write about my feelings, growth, experiences, perceptions and inhibitions is not something that I usually do. To be very honest I have had a dreading idea, that you might come up with a task that is all but part of my comfort zone. Knowing this and having the experience of the firewalk and what that Read more...
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The KAIZAN CHALLENGE did confirm a lot of the teachings that I have learned from Hannes Dreyer the last 3 years on the Property Course + Mentoring Course + Powermorping Workshop + Business and Marketing Development Workshop + Retire Quickly Workshop. I do come from an "old school" upbringing and some of these "teachings" were very foreign to me indeed!! By "old school" I was taught to be very sure not to make any mistakes by changing jobs or trying out risks!!... Read more...
Jan Fritz
  The Kaizen challenge was invaluable in my life. Even my family is picking the fruits of my work, and now I want to enable them as well to create for themselves what Hannes helped me to create, and what we enticed them with.   In all areas of my life I feel under control, I know for certain where I am going, and I feel that I am making progress. These feelings are, as many would say, “invaluable” and a feeling that money can not buy.   It is one thing to have and... Read more...