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Hendrik Van Gass

What has this Kaizen program meant to me? 

When I was a child, I was creative, positive and fearless. It was second nature to imagine something and go for it. But, over time, as a result of "society believes" --- some of these “believes” baseless and passed on through generation after generation, my creativity shrink and I fell in a spiral of doing what is in line with the society.
The kaizen program helped me to regain some of the lost creativity through the emphasised that my mind are the basis of my personality and the foundations of my direction in life --- my mind create the rules by which I want to live. In essence, my desires, and values define my way forward and I am what I think I am. 

By implementing this way of living I can choose if I want to be successful or not successful – I can create opportunities for myself to get all that I deserve and really want. I am now positive that I can create something from nothing – all with focused thinking. The whole process helped me to focus my thoughts on myself and my needs.
The old statements on winners and losers became a reality to me during the program and I am now more than ever positive that I can and always will be a winner and not a loser.
A Winner has an answer for each problem
A Loser has a problem with each answer
A Winner sees a green next to a sandpit
A Loser sees a sandpit next to each green
A Winner says it is difficult but probably
A Loser says it is probably but difficult
A Winner don’t want to loose
A Looser don’t want to win
A Winner is always part of the solution
A Looser is always part of the problem
I learned to spend delegated time every day in thinking about my destination and how to create a way, which suites me, to achieve these goals. I still can’t believe it's that simple. If you begin to allow yourself a bit of positive thinking then you will begin to realize things that you never thought possible. When I discovered this, I started to enjoy my live more and more. I discovered it is important to remember that you create much of your own reality. What I will see in my mind will reflected in what I will get in live. I spent more time the past 49 days in thinking how can I change my business to suites me better than in the past 10 years.
The more I think of developing my business towards my own needs, the more enthusiasm I generate. At this stage it is not a dream anymore but a given that my business will be developed to suites me more and more.

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