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Henrico Hanekom

When I started the Kaizen Challenge course I didn’t even have a clue as to what the term “Kaizen Challenge” meant. I searched the internet and found out that the Japanese word meant continual improvement. The “challenge” part only struck me around Day3 in the course. I realized that this information is not just about money but really about everything in my life – about changing my very being at spirit level. My mindset has changed so much that when I go back to read the first goals that I have set for myself , I can see that they were set conservatively and with creative limitations. 
The real challenge was not the things that I’ve written down as goals but the constant battle to allow myself the “me time” (+- 1.5 hours daily) to invest in my future. My mind kept telling me how selfish I am and how much work is lagging behind because of this. It soon changed. I realized that the most important investment I can ever make is in myself . From trying to fit the Kaizen Challenge into a hectic day, it has changed to the very first thing I do early morning. And guess what – now I have time in abundance because I manage it correctly. I use creative thought to create my day, month, year and future that I want. And how far fetched this sounded to me at first…I’ve learned that I was doing it all my life even with negative thought, but now I’ve learned to take control of it.
With the first mental exercise I experienced how BUSY my thoughts really were. It was like the Ben Schoeman highway in rush hour traffic. There wasn’t even room for the good ideas to get to the right destination. The more I did the exercises, the more I gained control over my thoughts. I had to appoint a few traffic officers to take care of the cars that didn’t belong on the roads of my neuron networks. I now discern between positive and negative thoughts throughout the day and I choose which ones I accept as truth, the rest is noise and won’t further my goals. In my research about the subconscious mind I was almost frightened to see how programmable we as humans are. I realized that I had to make big changes concerning what I allow myself to think about…CREATE about.
As a Christian I’ve also came to a deeper understanding of the very fiber I am made of. I am spirit and created in His likeness with the power to create. I live in Him and even in this very moment I still breathe the breath of life that my Master Creator has initiated on that brilliant day of creation. I’ve also stopped moaning about everything and started seeing problems as massive opportunities for wealth creation.
Some of my religious ideas was deeply challenged by the new concepts that I learned during the course. This has compelled me to find the truth for myself – and it was easier than I thought. When I aligned myself with the natural laws, the truth was just instant and almost obvious to me.
As someone interested in science and the cosmos, I gathered a lot of information about quantum mechanics. It supports the processes in the kaizen challenge by explaining the nature of sub atomic particles…how they change their state according to the observer and ultimately concluding that my perception is my reality.
I’m astounded by the fact that my life has changed in every aspect. I feel like a new person. My spirit is refreshed and I have a hope for the future. I am surprised at being able to make such a statement only after 49 days. Even my wife has undergone some changes after I shared these things with her! I’m glad that she and myself are able to grow together. I will always remember this as a major turning point in my life.
This challenge has put the responsibility square into my lap – for the first time I feel confident that I can handle it and even control it. Sheesh! Just imagine what lies ahead for me?! I’m extremely proud of myself for completing the Kaizen challenge but for me it doesn’t end here. I cant wait to continue making the ongoing improvements in my life and knowing that there is no limitation to what I may achieve. I will be all I can be, I will go out and be a creator of good things. I already am everything that I dream to be: Godlike, free, living in abundance, happy and healthy! The evidence will soon follow and manifest in the physical world. I continue my journey to finding truth. Soon I will stand back and behold the dazzling reality of the things I have created. Things that will benefit not just myself, but also the world. I will experience wealth and abundance in every aspect of my life.
My dreams are wild and fearless and I execute my plans with courage. So even in the midst of what others think of as major problems I stay positive. I know I will get there, I know I will make it because inside, I already have.


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