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Ian Powel

I have always somehow felt the need and want to make a change to my life, but have never been able to succeed or progress in any attempt. I have bought diaries, planners, used computer diaries, completed personal development courses, got excited, only to use them for a short while and then they become ornaments. I am a so-called "highly educated " person with National higher Diplomas, Masters Degree(cum laude) and a PhD in Electronic Engineering, but strangely never felt fulfilled and this had me floating through every day, wasting time , procrastinating and to a certain extend I have started to doubt myself which interim affected my self-image. It caused strain in our marriage, spiritual barrenness, stress and worry. It just continued into a downward spiral and even developed psoriosis as proof of this stress and negative mindset.

I have attended many of Hannes' seminars and workshops and even embarked on his mentor's course a few years ago as he was kind of a living role model of who and what I would wanted to be. Although I was inspired by his energy and his achievements, I still lacked something that would bring on the real change that I craved. To me, this is where Hannes' tuition and inspiration in the Kaizen Wealth Challenge (KWC) came into its own right. I recommend anybody to do this challenge first before you embark on any of Hannes' other courses and mentorships as it forms the solid foundation that is required to achieve all the other successes of life.  If only I knew this earlier!
Through the first few lessons of the KWC I struggled quite a bit and at one point even thought "Woh Hannes, now you have lost the plot completely" but I followed Hannes' advice to bite the bullet and carry on even though you are at first uncomfortable and skeptical. A further inspiration (besides that I desperately want to change my life) to complete the course was that Hannes said that although, in his opinion, it is the best course that he offers sadly  most of KWC students actually do not complete the challenge.
So I held the bullet between my teeth and continued and WOW, did it hit me when all clicked and started to make sense. I went from skeptical to cannot wait for the next day's lesson.  Being from a Christian background I also was searching all my life for better understanding of God or looking for a spiritual mentor that could point me in the right direction. Although the lessons are presented in a neutral and scientific way, incidentally, with my technical inclination, it would turn out that this was to be the means I would come to the deeper understanding of God and our relation to Him, that I was always searching for. It clarified my Christian beliefs, strengthened my faith and gave me a whole new understanding of the Bible which I now can read with a totally different and fresh mindset. I am now striving for a with-God life.  God our Creator and our Provider who wants us to have and experience a life of abundance, provided that it is good for us, others and for Him. Through God's grace and Hannes, I cannot be thankful enough for this revelation and the realization of this Truth. I now have the foundation and the basics to build my new life.
This Truth also let me realized that this with-God life and abundance will not just fall in my lap but that I will need to also put effort into it and take the responsibility to grow and bring it to fruition. Meditation and other metal tools were new concepts to me and of which I at first was cautious and skeptical of (showing my previous ignorance and self-imposed limitations), but has since learned their benefits and value in improving yourself. I will continue to investigate and apply these tools to further improve myself.
Through the commitment to the goals set out in the KWC I can truly and honestly say that although it is only the beginning, I have improved my life and person beyond my wildest dreams. I have consciously swopped watching TV for reading and family discussions,  sugar, junk food and take-always for healthy food , sitting in front of the TV for exercising instead , sleeping late for getting up early in the morning,  and many other things. It is impossible to realize the profound effect this has until you have physically done so.
I now have a zest for life, have more energy, are more efficient and can accomplish far more that I could previously. I have witnessed the tremendous change it has made in all the areas in my life. I have accomplished a number of goals in a short space of time, because I took responsibility and put the effort into it. The greatest reward and inspiration, however, is that other people have notice the change in you and that it is rubbing off on them and that they too want to and do change their lives to what they are witnessing in you. What a better reason can one get to accomplish even more.
The KWC has also inspired me to follow my dreams and work towards achieving my goals, from small ones to some very challenging ones. One such goal is to be able to travel to space to see this beautiful planet that our Creator has made, in its totality. Only a few had the privilege to experience this. But to get there, I will need to achieve a number of smaller goals first. For this reason I will continue, in the spirit of the KWC, with the daily tasks that I have done for the KWC. I will find new books to read on the relevant topics, set new small goals for all the areas of life, continue with my exercise routine and start to concentrate more on my bigger goals.  I will further continue with and expand my mental and meditation exercises to obtain optimal results. I have set-up a tracking system to track my goals during the KWC and will continue to use this  system in order to record, follow and accelerate my progress beyond the KWC, and hopefully for life.
I must admit that the only reason why I did the other courses that Hannes is offering first, was to gain financially, but the KWC has taught us differently and that financial wealth is only but a part of true wealth and one can only be truly wealthy in the broader sense when you have come into THE TRUTH. I will definitely revisit all the material from the other courses again and I am sure it will have new and fresh meaning and that I will be able to apply it more effectively with a Wealth Creator's mindset.
The KWC has truly inspired me to find new ways and means to increase my knowledge and apply it to improve my personal development in all areas of life. I have found a new hunger for reading and finding things out for myself. It has provided me with new insights, new tools, but most of all has show me the Source of all creation and that we as spiritual beings, in a human body, too, have access to this knowledge in order to become and be Wealth Creators.
Soli Deo Gloria


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