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Ineke Prinsloo

Hannes, enjoying the academic learning process, I came to your property course expecting only a theoretical background to help me spring forward. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than just the help for the 'effect' and discovered a spiritual journey, or rather the beginning of a spiritual journey that I have taken for granted in the 'noise' of daily life.

The evidence that I have already changed since I started is the comments from my colleagues at work at how much more positive I am, and questions asked as to what I have been up to that I am so light-hearted lately. I just smiled, and only managed to say that I have taken a much different outlook on life and my way of thinking - there is so much to say, that they can only truly know if they go through the same experience I have. Their comments were a huge compliment to the work I have been doing internally these past few weeks. The work is not finished however, and in the true spirit of kaizen, there is more to come and I can feel it in my bones!
These past few weeks have truly been a challenge. From the second lesson, Hannes asked if I would just 'skim' through the material or spend time on it properly, and he hit the nail right on the head as I was almost wanting to skim through. I knew I needed to slow down and really pay attention. What also spurred me on was the fact that he said a very small percentage of people would reach the end and give up long before ever getting there. I wanted and desired to be part of that small percentage! There was more to the lessons than the competition aspect, and it helped me grow spiritually as I became more disciplined in spending more time with God and really communicating with Him. I hadn’t done this before, and it would be days that went by before I would pray again. For me, more than anything else, this was the most important change as all change begins with the permission from God.
Everything was parallel to bible teachings and the core was policing my thoughts. It is a huge challenge as we are bombarded with a landslide of information on a daily basis – the bible tells us to stay conscious of what we feed our minds, and also what we sow is what we will reap. We are spiritual beings with a body, and everything does begin in the spirit and therefore with thought.
I have had ups and downs during the challenge, and it served me well in some trying days to look at things from a positive perspective. There is always plenty of negative material to complain about, but it is a choice to look to and feed on the positive and what you see yourself achieving.
Mark 11:24 stayed in my mind, and I now realize that I have a right to take part in and enjoy in the Father’s abundance without feeling guilt, and all the while realizing that it is not there to possess but to enjoy and share with those around me. I now understand the reason why success can only come through a class 1 or 2 experiences. Doing anything otherwise would be against God’s will.
I understand as well how important it is to seek silence before starting the day, and spending time with oneself. The day no longer seems as rushed, not as stressed and more gets done. I have not always managed to do my meditation in the morning and soon realized that without spending time in silence, the day becomes ‘noisy’ and rushed.
My dreams are to create abundance for myself in all aspects of my life, and share that energy and abundance with as many people as I can, starting with my family and those dear to me. The more successful I become, the more people I will reach and be able to help. I do want to enjoy traveling and experiencing other peoples from other parts of the world, enjoy nice things, etc, but ‘things’ are no longer as important as having balance. They will be by-products of having created abundance.
I am all fired up, and I will use the kaizen principles to keep the fire burning!
There is much to do, and hope to instill in others!

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Deborah Cooper
Wow, what an incredible journey!  I started the challenge during a very busy time in my life, but I decided to start when I received the email about it instead of putting it off until a ‘quieter’ time because there probably would never be a ‘quieter’ time and I didn’t want Read more...
Jo Moreau
When I started the Kaizen Challenge I was already doing my meditations and affirmations. With the surplus of control over my thoughts and the daily goals I managed to manifest and enjoy a lot of my plans. I get more and more confirmation every day in books like "Life is a gift" from Gill Edwards and off course Abraham, Read more...
Teresa Pretorius
I have broken the aspects of my life into 4 phases. The Kaizen Challenge fitting neatly into the middle, has proven to be somewhat of a life saver for me.  All that this challenge represents and teaches has unfolded simplistically Read more...
Desmond Bann
What can I say. This was the most exciting 49 days of my life.  Just taking a few minutes per day can change your life.  One thing I must confess, is that my husband is a much more positive person than what I am and I needed this 49 days challenge to change my mind.    I can be influenced very easily from Read more...
Dr. Chomba Chuma
This has been one of the most enlightening 49 days in my life.  It has created a good foundation to the habit of planning. Planning your day break down your bigger goals Read more...