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Jaco Maartens

About twelve years ago I was exposed to a statement from Kurt Hahn the father of Outward Bound experiences – “your disability is your opportunity”.

At that stage it did not mean us much to me as today. When it really struck me was last year March when I attend the Power morphing and Fire walk session presented by Hannes and we met Dieter Marzinger.
From this day on my definition of ‘disability’ changed drastically. My disability were my own very self!
The number one principle taught by Hannes is to invest in yourself first - that is why I did the Kaizen Challenge. For me it was lesson on lesson on how to get change to happen – by doing the small things right and keep on doing them which will result in 1 +1 = 3 or even much more.
My average day changed in so many ways, from relaxing in traffic by rather focusing/planning my life journey to increasing my health and obtaining one of my three physical goals – completing the 94.7 cycle race (The Argus is soon to follow and an Iron man also) to focusing my time and effort towards things that will assist me with my goals.
This could only happen by me taking responsibility of my everything… training program, eating habits, mental attitude, time management, money, family etc.
On a day to day basis I will repeat the habits I have learned from the Kaizen Wealth Challenge and the lessons learned from the other Dr. Hannes Dreyer courses I attended and use it to the best of my ability to reach my goals.
Thank you for another great opportunity Hannes and many valuable lessons learned!


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