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Jacques Du Toit

Ending the Kaizen Challenge is indeed the beginning of a new and prosperous future.

I always knew that I was different than the most people as I was constantly looking for something new, something better, a better understanding of who I was and what I wanted out of life - this does make life a lot more interesting especially when you meet people on your wavelength!
Since 1999 I have been on a mission to change my life around and on this journey I have tried a lot of things, some of which lasted and made a difference and some of them prevented me from seeing the truth.
I have read a lot of books on self help, discovering yourself, the power from within, emotional intelligence, Hannes Dreyer mentorship etc – etc - etc all of which opened my eyes more and more but I always knew that there was something bigger and better out there and that all of which I am trying to accomplish and work out for myself is linked somehow but could never pin point it - until the Kaizen Challenge!
I truly believe that I am on my way to become wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow my own judgment and strong enough to make the sacrifice!
Changes I have experienced
I used to think that Wealth was all about money although I knew deep down that real wealth was about living your purpose - I just didn't realize it. Come to THINK of it I am already living my dream - I am successful in what I do, I am happily married and I am healthy so in short I was always experiencing love, life and health!
Realization of the above helped me to understand that life is a journey and that I have already achieved what most people only dream of.
In what ways do I approach life differently
I am much more relaxed and focused than I was previously. I used to plan my day with meticulous care but I have since found a way to make planning a lot more effective, not to stretch myself if I know deep down that I will not be able to achieve it in a specific timeline and therefore avoiding the disappointment of not achieving that goal.
I also align myself with positive people who have got the same mindset as me - this way the collective energy helps to achieve more in a shorter space of time.
What about your average day
I have had some exceptional days where I really could not believe the accomplishments and achievement for that specific day. I would say that I had some challenging days but none of them as bad as they were before and on average there is a big difference - I am much more relaxed and content, I consciously try and influence other people positively and constructively as I have always believed that positive and constructive cause and effect will lead to growth which is essentially our main goal because if you don't grow we go backwards!
Going forward
This continuous improvement journey has just started for me. I have tried with limited success in the past to influence friends and family to also start looking for the truth but I will not give up!
One of the focus areas for me will be spiritual growth - I never understood just how close we are to the Universal Spirit, Power or Mind until now and I now truly believe that True Freedom comes from abiding God’s Word.
I will continue to invest in myself in all areas of my life. I will pay particular attention to the laws that govern our lives - like attract like, all thoughts are creative and cause and effect.
I believe that understanding the difference between power and force is by far the most important quality you need in order to set goals and achieve each one of them. Seeking silence and internalizing what it is that you truly desire will ultimately bring about manifestation in the physical world!
Tapping into the universal power on daily basis are the most important requirement. I never believed in seeking silence until I did some research on the topics about meditation and thought - I can now confirm that you become positive about your set goals, feel invigorated and free and there is also this unexplainable peace…
Some of the daily challenges we face is distinguishing between noise and meaningful messages - focusing on what is important and will help you achieve your true goals and following the rest of the pack - if you focus the correct messages will come through!
Past conditioning pushed me to follow the pack although deep down I knew that I owed it to myself to find the truth, but it was always considered that we should trust the experts and not look for alternatives as we could not trust ourselves.
My dreams have always been:
  • To live life to the fullest - this I have started and are already realizing huge benefits!
  • To be a business owner:
  • I have started a business more that a year ago with no money down and this business was cash flow positive from day 1 - this business did not last as I now believe that it was done with the wrong intention - the intention was not to negatively affect anyone but my heart just wasn't into it and mindset incorrect.
  • In the past 49 days I have built up the courage to start another business - it just so happens that my first client will go live today (the last day of the challenge!). This business is also cash flow positive and I truly believe that I have the correct mindset now to make this work and have it grow into something beyond comprehension.
  • To be a part time property developer
  •  In the past 49 days I have located a property with tremendous potential - I have looked at the numbers and have made an offer to purchase - the first of which was not accepted and the second I am still waiting for but I am confident that it will be accepted as I have already visualized the end result and have experienced the emotions attached to it!
You must always remember that you will reap what you sow, from rotten roots comes rotten fruits! If you can dream it you can be it as long as you live with purpose - your ability to think is your ability to act and fear are probably holding you back!

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