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Jan Fritz

The Kaizen challenge was invaluable in my life. Even my family is picking the fruits of my work, and now I want to enable them as well to create for themselves what Hannes helped me to create, and what we enticed them with.
In all areas of my life I feel under control, I know for certain where I am going, and I feel that I am making progress. These feelings are, as many would say, “invaluable” and a feeling that money can not buy.
It is one thing to have and accomplish anything you put your mind to, but for me in my current context the feeling that I am in control and is able to create and direct my life in the desired direction for myself is the most cherished.
It must be an indication from how far back and down under I am coming mentally.
The confidence and assurance that I can create whatever I want makes life fantastic and the joy and jubilation felt in my hart is ………….so lovely and exciting……there are no words.
What changed so far in my life since I met you:

My wife stopped working to spend quality time with our children.

Settled all debt.

Did a career change in a direction my hart told me.

Started 2 businesses.

Hannes I really wish to thank you for the change and direction you have given me through this challenge. Although it is now finished the Kaizen principle is ingrained and part of my life, and I will always use it.
Last thought: This principle and the lessons should be taught in a basic level to all primary school children. I feel that the quicker children get taught this, even before the get conditioned wrongly by the world, the better for all society. If my teacher could only tell me about this in the guidance class provided, where we only caught up with our homework…..??

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