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Jan Grobler

Unbelievable.... I started the challenge on 4 June 2007. I was having a "bad" day, I was negative, short tempered,  over-all just in a bad space... Blaming everyone for my problems.... Playing games on my phone in stead of focusing, reading the paper in stead of doing my job (And still wondered why things weren't going my way!!!)

I thought to myself that this really wasn’t the right day to start but since I put that date down to start, I should just as well do it…I signed in and started my first lesson.... Little did I know that I was taking the first step of an unbelievable, life changing journey!
I started off small: Didn't play games on my phone anymore, took the stairs in stead of the lift, etc. but my goals grew as I became more positive... I started slowly concentrating on the types of thought crossing through my mind. I stopped listening to the news on the radio. I stopped reading the negative articles in the newspaper every morning. I then found myself consciously changing my wording in my sentences when I spoke to people to positives in stead of negatives.
I started focusing on tasks at hand at work… Being more positive just made everyone I dealt with more positive. I started closing deals, one after the other!
My wife immediately saw the change in me.
I was driving home one afternoon (11 July – round about day 30 something) and I remember thinking to myself: Why is it that when we can control everything around us, do I still have to smoke? You must know that I smoked between 20 and 30 per day…. I got home and said to my wife that I have 3 cigarettes left and then I am quitting. I couldn’t really read her thoughts but something told me she wasn’t too sure whether I could do it this time. I literally finished my last smoke that evening, threw away the packet, said my prayer to ask God for the assistance – AND THAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!! I said to a few people after that that it was actually scary how easy it was this time: I just reminded myself that this is good for me, others and the greater Good every time I had a craving and it just went away!
I can honestly say that the KAIZEN challenge changed my life.
I will continue this from here. I have already set out a plan as to do my quiet time in the mornings, to read a motivational peace every morning, set my goals and live the Kaizen way!!!
Thank you Hannes Dreyer and the Kaizen Challenge for an unbelievable experience! Thank you for opening my eyes to a world that is being kept from us by the world! Thank you for showing me that there is so much more to life than rushing around like rats, chasing money!!!!
Thank for making me realize that life truly is a journey and that we have to take responsibility for ourselves.....

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Machiel Lucas
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Johan Van Der Merwe
WOW!! Hannes, this is what I have to say. Absolutely mind blowing. I have done your Powermorphing seminar in 2006, but have always struggled, as if something was missing. I am sure that Read more...
Jan Swanepoel
During the Kaizen Challenge I have reminded myself every day that whatever image I hold before me will become my reality– that the future is in my hands. This is a tremendous realisation if you deeply meditate on it, a huge spiritual realisation. It is such a profound Read more...
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