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Jan Swanepoel

During the Kaizen Challenge I have reminded myself every day that whatever image I hold before me will become my reality– that the future is in my hands. This is a tremendous realisation if you deeply meditate on it, a huge spiritual realisation. It is such a profound thought, as one realises that you are in the presence of God, our Creator, all the time; and He is with us with every breath that we take.

How can we then not be who we are meant to be, all we have to do is state it to the universe. But then one realises, it is not such an overnight thing.
Albeit so simple once you grasp it and really let this profound thought, this Truth, be carried through every cell of your being, once your conscious mind has accepted this original thought that the spirit knew about all the time, i.e. once you see things as a child again and discard all the conditioning that you have been subjected to for oh so long.
This then is what eventually led me to the Kaizen Challenge and specifically why I channelled my money through Hannes Dreyer; because his basic principle (teaching) is invest in yourself first, before anything else. It thus hit a cord with me, as investing in myself is what I have been doing since graduation from school, and the power morphing course I attended in February 2007 was in line what I have studied and began to apply.
Applying the law of attraction, I wrote down a power goal in the power morphing course in February 2007 that I would be married by 31 December 2007. At the time I did not even date anyone and there was definitely no prospective Mrs Swanepoel from within my circle of friends.
Then on 25 June 2007, 4 months later, I met an incredible woman over a cappuccino, after work. On 13 October 2007 we got engaged on the beach in Stilbaai and on 29 December 2007 we got married. That is my success story; and the incredible thing is: my wife knows exactly where I am at when I talk about visualisation and realisation and what the Kaizen challenge is about.
It is so special that our God created us for each other!
One of the other power goals is that I will work for a new company and to that effect I have two interviews lined up for the week ahead, with a third on call. Working for a new employer has also taught me tremendous patience, as I was on a shortlist with one other guy for a position towards the end of last year, but I had to accept that the job went to the other guy. This we must also remember, everything has its divine timing.
Is it not great, that something even better than we dreamt of, is the universe’s gift to us!
Things are happening and I know it is because I have taken the responsibility, because I have taken the time to define what I want. My thoughts create my reality. I have now entered and share in the abundance of the universe by being wise enough to understand (who I am), broad enough to weigh the evidence (that others want us to believe), firm enough to follow my own judgement (every time) and strong enough of mind to sacrifice the things that occupied my mind, time, energy and money, when they should not have in the first place.
These qualities I have developed by investing in myself, making up my own mind and constantly seeking silence and being grateful to God for this amazing world of abundance that we are living in.
I deserve the best and I accept it now. I do not give up on my dreams and will continually move forward. This is my expectation every day and I now know that I will realise it, I am achieving my dreams and wish the same for everyone who has completed the challenge with me, we have the knowledge now.

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