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Jaques Jordaan

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a life changing experience and challenge. My average day has gone from getting up at the last minute and get ready to leave for the office, at the office I would do things if and when they popped up and postponed tasks at on a regular basis and still did not have enough hours in the day. The Change: getting up and download my lesson first thing , reading it and then doing the daily exercise , praying and doing some other meditation like meditating on good health and my goals. After this I would do my days planning ( although not always submitting it then I would submit in the evenings ) Followed by preparing to leave for the office when I am finished, some days leaving after nine. During the day I would push to do the tasks planned for the day and have not been postponing much lately ( an achievement in its own ) My days have been easier or so it seems , (I think the days have also increased in hours ) , for I now gets much more done and even have 30 min most evenings to go for a walk with my wife.

I am constantly aware of my thoughts and when I realize that I am entertaining a negative thought I simply change the thought or use the affirmation “ I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” I found by concentrating on the words and visualizing a picture of every word takes my mind off negative thoughts.
During the past 49 days I have really tried hard to improve my relationship with my family and not to take them for granted. I think, no I know I have succeeded, because my wife says I did change for the better ( and she is always right or that is what she believes )
I have concentrated on their positives and received lots of love back, we have lots of fun together and enjoys each others company. I have made an effort to contact Ruan my son who is living in Durban on a regular basis either by sms or phoning him just to find out if his ok and to tell him I love him and wish him a nice day. What a response I have !! “ the more I give the more I get “
Early on in the challenge I realized what Wealth really is “ a balanced live “ and not money as I previously believed. I was under the impression that to give, must be money, luckily I have come to know the truth. I can see and feel the difference in my own life in just this short period of time from when I started concentrating on having a balanced and abundant life.
Some of my achievements during the last 49 days: From drinking up to 2 liters of coke some days , I have not had a sip of coke and have the intention to never drink coke again. I think I underwent the same withdrawal symptoms smokers do when trying to stop, but I think they are just slapgat if they cant persist. I am involved with same building projects and not once in the last 49 days did I loose my temper on a building site, I must be superhuman. ( for anyone that know builders and their staff ) and then most probably the biggest achievement, I have come to know where in the spiritual world I fit in, have been struggling with this for years. I have started to pray daily , something I have not done in years. I make it a mission everyday to treat everyone I meet with respect no matter how bad their service or how they treat me ( must say I have not had many people treating me badly during the last couple of weeks , must be like attracts like )
I have made a decision to live in harmony with the rest of the world, and since the decision I have only had wonderful experiences wherever I go. Even if people were not so nice it don’t bother me at all because I have learned how to control my feelings and emotions from within, instead I have managed to make a lot of people laugh or at least smile.
These days I am feeling as if I am living my dream, I am relaxed and see forward to see what challenges life has to offer. I am seeing forward to the future of an abundance live. I cant remember when last I have sat down to listen to the news, try and stay away from chit chat and walk away from negative conversation. Currently I am busy reading a book by Richard Branson an have undertaken to make sure I also as he does, do things only if it is fun to do.
I realize now what an abundant life we as a family have had up to now but know that it is nothing comparing to what we are going to have in the future , which has nothing to do with luck.
May I share an experience with you: yesterday 4 Nov 2007 and day 48 of the challenge, my wife Rina and I were involved in a car accident on our way back home after doing shopping. Fortunately none of us or the driver of the other car were injured , although the impact were enough to trigger the air bags in Rina’s car and made the initial impact look much worst than it really was. The driver of the other car came from the front and on a green traffic light, wanted to turn right , did not see us and waala cause and effect. Now if you had known me from a while back you would have thought , now the s..t is going to hit the fan. I sat in the car and after the dust settled, ask Rina if she was alright , realized I was ok, got out of the car and asked the young guy that was the driver in the other car if he was fine. I was as cool as a cucumber , hard to believe even for myself when I thought about it afterwards.
But that is not the thing that excited me about the accident, now the accident happened at approximately one o’clock and we arrived back home at two when my daughter Nadia got to hear about the accident, happy to learn that we are both safe. She then tells us that she was studying and at approximately one o’clock she had this strange feeling on her stomach but dismissed it as being hungry. We left it at that and just after two o’clock Rina receives a sms from Ruan in Durban that he was busy working through his Powermorphing books again and one of his goals is to buy his mother a new car one of these days ( Rina broke out in tears for nobody has told Ruan about the accident ) on investigation we found that Ruan wrote this goal down at approximately one o’clock. This phenomenon nearly made me jump through the roof, for now things just became so clear and fact that we are all part of the whole and like attract like and that we as a family must be very close if we can all share the same vibrations.
My plan for the future: I will restart with the Kaizen Challenge tomorrow as I feel I have not given enough attention to my daily plan and achievements. I intend having time with myself on a daily base for the rest of my life ( I kind of enjoyed spending time with myself on a daily basis )
I have ordered “ Getting in the Gap “ and Haanel’s book “ master key “ and intend reading all the books that you recommend in the last lesson , for I have so much more to learn. Especially on what is a healthy nutrition for the body ( must say that I still enjoy a bit of sugar ) but intend looking into it and will then make a decision. I also have to work on becoming silent and hence the book “ getting in the gap “
I have already redone the powermorphing course and just wanted to concentrate on finishing the kaizen challenge so that I can concentrate on it again. I have also neglected my weekly mentoring lessons and will have caught up by 5 Jan 2008.
I can honestly say that I am really proud of myself for finishing this challenge in 49 days. I decided on the first day that I will finish it in the required time and I did. The challenge were a bit challenging at stages, I visited my parents in North West during this time and also did the powermorphing course again in Pretoria ( or Shwane ) where I ended up in accommodation without access to a telephone line but I made a plan , thanks to internet cafĂ©’s . I will be honest, looking back at the challenge I did not stretch my boundaries when it came to the daily plan and achieving it was fairly easy or maybe it was just because I at least had a plan that it seemed easy. I concentrated on the lessons and the exercises and can honestly say that I did not skip or neglected one of the exercises . It became extremely challenging for me after I heard at the powermorphing course that you do not really care in what time the guys finish their challenge as long as they finish, you would be happy. I overcame the temptation of postponing, which I would have done in the past.
Your question, What is required on a daily basis?: I would say , be aware of your thoughts and entertain only the ones that will lead you to your goal. Learn to become silent.( this is one I intend concentrating on )
My dreams ? : On or before 1 June 2009 I have an income of R 259 000.00 or more / month. I am busy with a development which will give me this income or very close to this amount per month for the next 20 years. With this monthly income I will apply the Mercedes principal and what I have learnt from you and for sharing your knowledge with us, I thank you from the bottom of my hart.
By finishing this last assignment I have achieved jet another goal !!!

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