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Jo Goode

I have always known that I am responsible for my own destiny – if I don’t like the way my life is panning out, only I can change it;  I cannot expect anybody else to do it for me. The big question for me was how?  

I had been searching for something for so long, with the feeling that if I kept on looking eventually I would find what I was looking for. And then I did! I attended the free workshop and a few weeks later I bought the Mentor’s Executive Programme. My intention was to start the program next year (I bought the package because of the special offer) but when I realized that the Kaizen Challenge ended at the end of this year I decided to do it. Wow, what a life changing experience!
Spiritualism was something that I had never considered thinking about before. I am now learning how to be spiritual and I realize that every single goal and achievement has to start as a spiritual thought. I have learned to meditate. I have felt power surging through me - I felt it at the fire walking seminar on 20 October and I felt it again whilst doing a few of the exercises, so I know for a fact that it is there.
Learning to programme my mind has been the most awesome experience of all. This has changed my life already – my attitude, the way I think, what I think I am capable of, to name but a few. However, two things have happened to me during this challenge that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that constant and repetitive mind programming really works:
I have been trying to lose weight for years. I would always start dieting with the best intentions, and a few days later I would regress. I just lacked the will. During the Kaizen Challenge I pictured myself losing weight, I thought about it when I meditated and saw it as having already been achieved. Guess what? I have lost 5kgs without even trying too hard. I just automatically changed the way I was eating without having to think consciously about it. I would have liked to have lost about another 4kgs, but another thing I have learned is that I cannot expect to change overnight what has been embedded in my subconscious for years. So, I haven’t lost heart;  I am proud and I will continue programming my subconscious with “diet” until I know that I won’t ever have to think about it again!
The other thing that has happened to me, and this is not easy to share but I’m going to because I want anybody who reads this to see that amazing things can be achieved in a short space of time. When I was 9 years old I started pulling out my eyelashes. This is a type of obsessive compulsive disorder (trichotilomania) that usually starts when a loved one is very ill or dies (in my case, my mother). I have done this all my life and have often thought of going for professional help, but never got around to it. It is something that I did without realizing that I was doing it. During this challenge I held in my mind the picture of myself with a full set of eyelashes. I concentrated intensely on the affirmation and on not being self destructive and inflicting pain on myself anymore. I thought about it every single day. I now have more eyelashes than I have had for years! They haven’t grown back completely because there hasn’t been enough time, but I reckon that in another month I will have a full set. I know that I will never pull them out again. One day, when I was concentrating so intensely on this goal, I felt energy surging through me and I think I really ingrained it in my subconscious. I hope I get to the stage where this happens with all my aspirations. It is a tremendously powerful feeling.
Next year I am going to do the property courses. I have been interested in purchasing property to rent out or develop for ages – I have built several spec houses and have bought a property to let – but I want to know how to go about purchasing property properly. I want to buy a property without spending any money! Again, the how. 
I had been looking for the “how” mainly to do with property and making money, and I have walked away with a whole lot more. 

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