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Jo Moreau

When I started the Kaizen Challenge I was already doing my meditations and affirmations. With the surplus of control over my thoughts and the daily goals I managed to manifest and enjoy a lot of my plans.

I get more and more confirmation every day in books like "Life is a gift" from Gill Edwards and off course Abraham,   The Secret behind The Secret. Little booklets like Richard Branson's "screw It Let's Do It" and many more people and books.
My most important asset is that I managed to shift my attention to my goals and dreams instead of the obstacles. This resulted in a spectacular change in my financial situation and my day to day health and stress.
One of the most important and pleasant facts is that I have been able to buy a PC for my friend who's pc's gave in with all the sudden power surges and cuts. Since he is running an IT bus from home he lost his complete source of income and had now way out. Now he can work again and regain his income :-)
In the last months I have been able to turn my pile of debts around to a nice plan to pay them of and keep a little surplus for myself in the mean time so I can rebuild my present and future. I have even been able to pay of two of them :-)
There are a few very exiting opportunities that opened up and I'm enjoying every day.
The highlight of my miracles is the fact that we will be able to visit my mom and family in Belgium for her 70th birthday. It seemed impossible at the first notice of it and now we're going to look for tickets today :-)
My day to day life has become relaxed and pleasant. On the beach I managed to change the situation by just focusing on all the small positive things I could find and ignoring the problems and negative attitudes around me. Everything is smooth and friendly again ;-)
My morning routine sets of my day with a great boost and I enjoy more time with babe then ever. I am still working on a low energy feeling from time to time that is most likely due to the fact that there is too much starch and sugars in my general food habits. That will change soon too ;-)
I already decided to do the challenge over again and read through the different lessons again.

The setting of my goals and daily meditation are built in my morning routine. It will be physically reinforced by my sessions to the gym if I don't teach (I burn about three times a s much on the beach as at gym ;-)
There are five books on my list and three in my shelves already to keep feeding my mind. I plan to subscribe to the Mentor Course as Soon As I'm back from our Europe trip. The most important discipline will be to keep control, attention and monitoring of my thoughts as I have learned that these hold the key to my future and manifestation of all my dreams. The looking and checking for class one and two experiences.
There were a few obstacles and loads of previous conditioning to overcome but I found that with the meditations and a bit of discipline to let go of negative thinking all can be overcome.
The resistor that took most discipline is the time factor. At some points where I had too much planned in the day I had to use some force to get my meditation time in and in the beginning I postponed a few to the afternoons or evenings.
Most of all I will enjoy helping my friends achieve there personal way to happiness and becoming a Wealth Creator

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