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Johan Cloete

If I can describe it in this way what the Kaizen Challenge has meant to me.
Previously in my life it felt like I was work in the change room of the bokke cleaning their boots for them and working hard for them.
In Kaizen challenge I have started to see that I am part of the bok team and I am starting to run out of the tunnel and seeing the daylight, the field and seeing myself playing the game of my life seeing the end result (winning the game big time)
Seeing that winning is not having all the money in the world but to have life in abundance and know that I am whole, strong, powerful, perfect, loving, harmonious and happy. So to achieve my goal in life has become so much easier now that I realizes that one’s achievements in life is not measured Rands.
Thru visualization I have all ready seen myself driving the Jag seeing my hands on the steering wheel, the smell of the leather seats, the power of the engine as I accelerate even me wife telling me to slow down and the speeding fine’s in the post, which of course will manifest!!!
Hannes you have really chanced me life around for the better too show me thru the Kaizen Challenge & applying Powermorphing I can archive anything.
I know that you have achieved one of your goals by showing me how to be a Wealth Creator, have wealth in abundance and to be part of the 1% which Law zero full in place.
By applying law one and invest in myself. I have restructured my finances and made some chances on investments I have (when I do the cal’s it don’t look so good as the experts have told me) and started a budget system I have tripled my surplus.
I have also setup some financial structures with Philip & Ian and I am well on track to be part of the 1%.
Thank you Hannes for the Kaizen challenge & the mentor program giving me the intelligence the have life in abundance.

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