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Johan Stroh

It is so nice to be a bird. Everyday I fly wherever I want. I see life from a completely different angle – a bird’s eye view. This view can be from directly above or from across the street…. And the things that I see are just awesome.

There is this young man, Johan Stroh. I’ve been watching him for the last couple of weeks and it is amazing how this fellow has changed in his approach to life.
He has started to write down goals over and over. He reads them and makes changes and then makes a picture of it. I do not know what the pictures tell him but it cannot be bad since he looks at them just about every day.
He has a balanced life. He gets up early, reads a very thick book, sleeps for a couple of minutes (his eyes are closed while sitting up straight) and then he goes to the gym at 05:00 in the morning. There at the gym he trains very hard. I heard him saying something about Kaizen to someone. Apparently it is about continuous improvement. He has even stopped waiting for that magic 100% certainty. He now has three things written on his desk in his study. I think it is about being possible, having control over it and whether he can do it. Looks like controlled risk to me.
He and his wife started to give a marriage course a month ago. They are guiding 4 other couples to enhance and uplift their marriages. The spark from everyone’s faces is beautiful when they find the answers to some of life’s tricky questions. The other day he even took another man to breakfast to help him overcome a huge problem in that man’s marriage. Johan made it look so simple. The man could not wait to get home to ask his wife for forgiveness since he now saw that he was actually wrong as well. I did pop into that house two days afterwards and saw a happy couple.
I follow Johan during the day to see what he is up to. Wherever he goes, people comment about his positive approach of life. He will quickly change the subject if someone starts to wind about something. If they continue to moan, Johan will politely excuse himself and jump into his white bakkie and drive off while eagerly listening or watching his Hanne Dreyer collection. I have no idea what that is. After all, if he sees me on his bakkie, he might just chase me away. Just now my stomach lets me down and the result ends on his bakkie. So, I have never had the opportunity to listen to his HD collection. I just think it must be beautiful music. Why would he get out of his bakkie with positive determination or sometimes even sit there for another 3 minutes ‘for the song to finish’?
The other day he went to fly with 2 other men in a helicopter. Did he enjoy that!! I must tell you that it makes me happy to see such a young person adding value to life by his actions. He loves his wife to bits. How they only have 1 child I do not know. By their actions I thought 6 were more appropriate. He plays with his daughter like a kid. He rolls and jumps and has fun with her. He even inspires her to have her own businesses one day. With the money she makes, she says she would open more businesses. She says her daddy’s best friend is uncle Hannes. He helps her Daddy to do better in his businesses.
Anyway, to recap the past couple of weeks – this man has grown in himself more than he can put to words. I can see it because I see him without him knowing it, so he cannot pretend. He has become an ever more positive, energetic and humble man than ever before.
This Kaizen thing did it for him. Now I wonder if Mr Kaizen has something for the birds 

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