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Johann Bisschoff

I was desperate for change in my life for the renewed feeling that I experienced as a child, the feeling that I can do anything, and the lust of achieving big things.

This is actually the truth but with growing up and not knowing all the universal truths and wisdoms, my mind was changed and I became like an ordinary person of this world.
The Kaizen Challenge has given the spark that I lost as a child, because I was living in the flesh/conscious and was not in touch with my unconscious spiritual realm.
The past 49 days I have experienced a great deal of inner change. I feel a lot more energetic, as my thinking is a lot more positive and informed.
I am starting to replace bad habits with good ones, and I realize the whole idea of planting a seed today and reaping the fruits tomorrow.
The Kaizen Challenge has meant a lot to me, as it gave me a new lust for life.
Like I have learned you need desire, to get the wheel moving, because if you are standing still you actually going back.
I know now the importance of spending quality time meditating on my goals creating vivid picture of my desires, and living a life according to the universal laws.
My average day has changed as I take control and only spend time on things that I want to, so less TV and entertaining of junk thoughts.
I am looking ahead to the future, to all the pictures/dreams that I am going to create and then the realizing of it in the actual world, and just for this feeling the Kaizen Challenge was worth wile.
I also am learning that any change is good as long as I keep on moving forward, start thinking for myself and wanting to achieve class 1& 2 goals.
I also learned and accept the truth that growth is exponential, and this is an extra boost for me during difficult times because I know, the future is going to be great if I just move in the right direction.
I want to make mediating part of my life as long as I life, as I know and believe the truths that I have learned during the Kaizen challenge, I know I need to spend quality time with myself other wise I am  just going to follow the ordinary person of this world.
I need to start listening to my inner self, because that is were my power comes from and that is how I will become the person God wants me to become.
I know it is not going to be easy, but I will remember a class 2 experiences become a class 1 after a while.
I also learned that it is going to take time as my old thinking patterns must be replaced.
I want to read up on the books about the truths of the universe to empower myself to make wise decisions, and to become a wealth creator, and just keep on seeing and visualizing my great future.
One must make a decision before hand and plan as to how one is going to achieve the goals/desires you have on your hart, and then start spending time meditating on it.
For instance meditating time must get a fixed time everyday, and if there are changes to your daily routine, plan beforehand when you are going to do your meditating.
My dreams and expectations:
  • 5 houses in 5 years time. (Will work out a plan after studying property lessons from Hannes Dreyer.)
  • In 5 years become a director of the company I am currently working for.
  • To be able to go 1 month a year overseas, on vacation.
  • To be healthy individual, and keep competing in triathlons, and other sporting events.
  • To make it a part of myself to help needy people.
  • To have a personality of constant calm delight in good and bad times.
  • To constantly grow as a Christian.
  • To constantly broaden my thinking so I can become all I can be.
  • To never stop learning.
  • To spend more time on the sport fields.

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