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John Wait

I was always amazed and envious of the lecturers/presenters at courses I attended that seemed to operate on a different clock than mine. They seemed to have so much time to do all the things they get done and still stay enthusiastic and passionate.

I had enough energy to see me through the day then to go home and collapse on the couch and watch tv. When people spoke of their passion I wondered if they were sincere or if there was something wrong with me. My workload was a physical and emotional drain on my system that eventually led to health issues. It was at this time that started asking the question ' what is this rat race all about?'
I started reading spiritual, personal growth and mind power books to try and find answers. I did resonate with a lot of the spiritual messages. One of the lessons on your property investment course was that knowledge not applied was useless. I knew I had to take action and get myself off the couch, but there was always something that had to be sorted first. I was a great procrastinator. The difference between myself and the lecturers/presenters was TEMS.
Deepak Chopra's book synchrodestiney was an eye-opener for me. I had to become more open minded to opportunities coming my way and to recognize them as such. The Kaizen Challenge was my opportunity to get myself off the couch.
What the challenge did for me was to connect the dots to enable me to see the bigger picture. The most important lessons I got out off the challenge are as follows;
-Take responsibility for your life otherwise others will do it for you.
-Live life consciously. Be aware of what you program in your subconscious.
-Gratitude. This lesson made me aware off all the good things I had attracted into my life. I was a fledgling wealth creator without even knowing it.
-The need for quiet/meditation time.
-The kaizen principle. Constant and ever improvement.
Did the kaizen challenge deliver the goods. Most definitely. I have subsequently enrolled on the mentorship program and I still want to do the Powermorphing course this year.
Thank you for your help through the challenge and having the vision and courage to present such a challenge which is helping a lot of people.

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