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Julie Yin

The Kaizen Challenge has been a most enlightening journey which has connected me back to source, find who I am, brought new meaning to creative thinking and manifestation and the understanding of how and why things are the way they are. 

Each day theories, ideas, concepts or challenges are presented in a clear and concise way to digest and contemplate on, which stirred and moved me. This has guided and inspired me to seek the inner truth, see that the piece of the whole reflects the whole, soar higher, find freedom, going beyond boundaries, the need to let go and make space for the abundance of life.  In the process, this has inspired me in writing poetry which has come to me in the silence.  Here is a taste of some of the poetry.
On the treadmill of the rat race,
Mindlessly getting on with life,
No purpose, no reward,
No meaning, no joy.
Run faster, just do, and don’t think,
Keep going, it will come right,
We know what we are doing,
Do you know what you are doing?
Oh, how I long for some rest,
Time to think and contemplate,
Clear my mind of noise and clutter,
Is this really me?
Who are these tenants, living in my mind?
They do not even pay rent!
What are they doing here?
Did I invite them?
They are chewing away my dreams,
Time to take responsibility,
Time to find the truth,
Time to use intention.
Chipping away the layers,
These layers are not mine,
Acknowledge and peel them away,
Let it be transformed.
Time to reflect,
Time to think,
Time to be in harmony,
Time to be in balance.
Flow of life, increase with vitality,
Blood surges, and starts to heal itself,
Rejuvenated with love and life,
Passion in every cell.
Back in harmony and balance,
Life flows in the trillions and trillions of cells,
All divinely orchestrated like a symphony,
Where the parts are in tune with the whole.
Imagination explored,
Intuition confirmed,
Inspiration reconnected.
Harmony of all.
From the smallest quarks to the Infinite,
Vibrate and move as one,
Energies uplifted,
A quantum leap to the divine.
By Julie Yin
Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom in such a deep way that we may grow for the highest good of all. 

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