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Justino Ferreira

Would like to start by saying that I threw my books away in 1983 and dropped out of school end of std 8. I wanted to be like my dad and own my own fish & chip shop.

Well I did buy his shop when he past on, now I have three, and in the process of getting a small distribution centre, when I get the finance or whereto supply my shops. I have also registered my cc property “FRAPI”=Ferreira Rentals and Property Investments.
The only book I read was in the army in 1984. Now I’ve done loads of reading and still am, (only problem I read very slow so it takes me a lot longer to get through) and educating myself and apply what I’m learning through Dr. Hannes Dreyer, although I still have not “CLICKED” and I’m stuck on lesson 20 where I should’ve been on lesson 120, I will get there no problem {lazy hey, no not really}
I’m on the mentor course; I did the Business Marketing, Power morphing courses, with the fire walk experience, which was so liberating. I didn’t know how I was going to walk on hot coals without getting burnt, but you know what, the way that Dr Hannes Dreyer explained and prepared us for this magnificent experience was so perfect that nobody got burnt WOW {I flew from cape town for those couple of days} next time I’m taking my wife with me, oh yes definitely.
Doing the KAIZEN CHALLENGE is just a whole new experience, I find that I grew up mentally, spiritually and I’m forty, I see things in such a different light, I pray so much more often, I’m closer to GOD, I’m a better person to others, I’m so much more aware of what I do, say or think it’s just fabulous.
One cannot explain how it can transform one’s life, just do it, then you know what I mean.eg. I really love my cars all types would want to buy a new car given half the chance. I was emotionally involved. Now I can look at a car enjoy what I see, feel the emotion the power and it’s just another car. That is big for me, really. 
I will be starting the Kaizen again starting 18 Feb. 2008, I unfortunately will not attend the prize giving as I have just come back from a wonderful holiday overseas, Madeira over New Years, with my family so it’s back to the “drawing board”.
In closing I must add that I’m so proud to have Dr Hannes Dreyer as my mentor, because I know that you are such a great person, in all you do or say and the way that you lecture your classes so that all can understand, the energy that you produce I would just love to experience for one day. I even do the “hop, kick, punch” thing when I need a burst of energy. Thank you for helping me think the way I do to-day all positive.
How you find the time to do all that you do in 24 hrs I don’t know, but GOD Bless You and Your Family

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