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JW Kuhn

I experienced these 49 days that we really need to check the qualifications of those that sends us their messages. We are bombed by 90% opinion and 10% fact, if fact is that much.

I've never heard anyone asking, “How can I make money...” they usually ask you to give yours to them. They don't think that they can be equipped to “make it themselves”. I named this the slave mentality.
After school I sensed in my hard that, Jesus will provide. I should take up a job, he'll create me one. So I sold some newspapers started from 30 per day and grew it up to 800. I was the one selling/distributing the most in the town. Even more than the supermarkets.
I always hit a Plato or ceiling. I had law 0. I wanted to do it. I did invest in others and not in myself. I wanted to help people start their own businesses. I thought I was getting it right. Thank you so much for this opportunity and watch me. I know that in my own power I have no power. The Lord showed me to rest in Him. It's the Father that does the work not me.
One day we went on an outreach to a school and the group was having their show... you know how 'Christians' make a show? That was so unsatisfying for me. I've sit whit judgment in my heart. Then I asked the Father, Jesus, to show me what He is busy with and how I may assist Him. How can I be 'His body'? His Temple? Then a thought entered my head... this specific guy is struggling with suicidal thoughts. So I arise from the back of the class and walk humbly forward and points in his direction and said what was revealed to me. Not wanting to expose him since this is a sensitive case... Just asked that if “that person” would like to speak and pray with me, he must just come after class. I didn't think he will... He did. He told me that its him that struggles with these thoughts. “I knew it were you, I didn't want to pose you..” you should have seen his eyes the moment I pointed in his direction after saying that some around here is having suicidal thoughts. To me it was just another confirmation. There had been other instances like this. How can a man discern the thoughts of others if it's not revealed to him?
By no means am I a prophet or anything of that sort. If the Lord has spoken who can but prophecy? It is clear that we should just enter His rest as said in Hebrews. Wait and see, the provision. “God wat vooruit sien het reeds voorsien...”
I discovered myself to be a wealth Gatherer, for the wealth has already been created... we just need to collect it. For the Lord said, “Take in the land that I've given you” the Jews just gathered the manna.
I feel like a 12 year old boy that's locked into a cookie factory and it's over the holidays nobody knows he is inside. I need to restrain myself from not taking on to much. I'm seeing deals in everything, almost everything, their might be some I missed...
May Jesus bless you AND KEEP you. May He reveals His heart even more to you, that you might know Him. Thank you for just being this great blessing. Just being willing...
PS: everybody wanted 2 see the material that I brought from you. They didn't keep it up... It's strange they were like nagging and forcing me, I 'rebelled' against this... then I realized that it's like a dog chasing a car, he has no idea of what to do with it when he 'catches' it... So I turned it around and invited them and not resisting when they ask  me... the didn't even make one course to the end. No matter who it was asking. Why is this? Because they didn't take responsibility for their own wealth? Why couldn't they put in the TEM$? They practically could get it for free... they just need to gather it... Hope you don't mind I were so excited when I got your stuff.
PPS: my first goal, when I moved to Pretoria in February, was to go to the first of your courses I know about. To my amazement I could get it all for Just R9000. Wow! Lourens Boshoff in Upington, where I came from, Introduced your courses to me and he was doing very well. The bank didn't know how his doing all this. He encouraged me to go to one of your courses. Praise Jesus, I could get them all. There are some mindset and spiritual stuff I don't agree on and would not endorse. When I eat chicken I just throw out the bones when I run into one not the whole chicken.
Maybe I'm the 'wrong one'?

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