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Keith Werner

For all the years of my life I have been a workaholic & thought that this would produce my hoped for results in the long run, not realizing at the time,  that this would be to the detriment of both my family life as well as my health. What a sacrifice!

Now in my latter years, I realize that I underestimated myself & my capabilities, which in turn, allowed other people to use me to their benefit in the workplace & hence, I was taken great advantage of.
Eleven years ago, through rapidly declining health, I decided to change direction completely, & move to the coast to build up my own business, namely a B&B/Guest House & hopefully, ease up on the work pressures.
Alongside my wife & with the generous assistance of our son & his wife, we en devoured to pursue this project. What I had thought would be a cruise compared to what I had done before, turned out to be much more demanding but nevertheless rewarding. Lots of hard work & long hours serving the public. However, with sheer perseverance, we have managed to pull through & have built up a most successful little business which allowed our son & daughter-in-law to continue with their own, very successful careers. However, we still needed to subsidize our financial needs & it was through our son Des, who had discovered the Hannes Dreyer Seminars that I was encouraged to attend one of the courses.
I signed up as an Executive Member, started to work my way through the first few lessons & then flew up to attend the one day Mental Breakthrough Seminar & Fire walking Experience.
Well, WHAT an experience indeed! It was a life changing moment for me as it was then that I realized that one can achieve “anything” if one puts one's mind to it.
I then decided to tackle the Kaizen Challenge before continuing with the other lessons.
I have found this to be a most full- filling course & realize now that in the past, I had a completely wrong mindset.
Your lessons have given me a huge wake-up call & made me realize that wealth is not only financial, but an all round “balance” in all spheres of one's life.
Hannes you are a STAR & I only wish that I had learned all this when I was in my twenties instead of now, in my sixties! However, I am greatly encouraged to know that one is never too old to learn & therefore I intend to continue with these studies as I have every confidence that it will continue to change my life. They say “one can't eat an elephant in a day”, but as I go through the daily lessons, I'm slowly growing all the time & becoming richer as a person as I go along.
THANK-YOU Hannes for putting me on the right track & for helping me to change my life for the all round betterment.
Keith Werner – 68yrs.old & still learning!!(and loving every bit of it!)

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Jan Grobler
Unbelievable.... I started the challenge on 4 June 2007. I was having a "bad" day, I was negative, short tempered,  over-all just in a bad space... Blaming everyone for my problems.... Playing games on my phone in stead of focusing, reading Read more...
Christoffel Steyn
We started off badly with a poor telephone system that could not function properly over the internet followed by an electricity crisis, but after investing in ourselves we enjoyed the Kaizen Challenge very much. It has really changed our whole outlook and mindset on life, in so many ways. In the first place we realized Read more...
Ronel Burger
I always thought that I am a positive person but as soon as I started the Kaizen Challenge and become aware of my thoughts, I realized how many were negative.  I started immediately to become more aware and change it to positive. My whole life changed, Read more...
Emile Fitzmaurice
  I am best in the mornings - fact.   I therefore have altered my routine to have Spiritual - Physical - Mental  time first thing, then Financial and later in the day Relationship time when I am more mellow.   I need to specifically address the Financial aspects and include them earlier  - this is one Read more...
Werner Tenten
Profound - Truly Profound - It's a word I use sparingly; but if I look back seven or less years from now, gratefully, financially free, retired, working on getting rich further in mind, body, soul I will cite this tool, this way of life, practicing, improving Read more...