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Kobus Badenhorst


Like every body else, some to a lesser and other to a greater degree, who lands up at your courses and programs I was in need of direction in my life. I was not jobless or in a desperate situation but definitely not living financially comfortably and neither was I heading for a carefree retirement which is, by the way not far off.

I was already aware of the unfulfilled promises of the financial institutions as I was in their employment and marketed their products but had at the time already put distance between us. Neither did I need convincing about the use of consumer credit and its dangers and had already gone through the process of getting financially liquid. I had in fact already bought two investment properties in a trust whilst we are operating a guest house from the biggest part of my residential property plus half of another property in partnership with somebody else. I have a B Com, MBA and CFP qualification plus I have completed many additional in job training courses. All my educational qualifications were done through part time study.

I am married for almost 35 years, serve as an elder in my church and live a rather uncomplicated life.

So what is the problem? I was certainly not financially free as during some months there would be a surplus whilst in other a deficit. Deep down I was not a happy man.

But why not? Surely I had a lot going for myself and a lot to be thankful for. At first I was driven in my search by a need for more money. I was convinced that if I could find an opportunity to earn or get more money my problems would be solved and I would be a happy man.

Unconsciously I have burdened myself with carrying masses of baggage from old time mistakes. Unconsciously I have probably even hated myself for these mistakes and it was so easy because I just had to regularly peep into the baggage to remind myself of my incompetence and inadequacy.

Big was my surprise and rude my awakening as I progressed with the Mentorship Program, Kaizen Challenge, Property Courses and as I attended the Marketing and Business Development Workshop and Fire Walk.

It is my desire to also attend the Powermorphing and Retire Quickly Workshops and I am working on a way to finance it, meaning to finance it in a responsible and affordable way.

What I have learned from your training is very precious to me as it is a life changing experience. It is affecting all the areas of my life and made me realize what the truly important matters in life are.

The most amazing fact is that every aspect of your training is well founded biblical and Christian truths. Even more amazing is that it made me understand the Bible and Christianity far better than before. It has brought a depth to my spiritual being which previously never existed.

Although I am well educated and have been well exposed to business and accounting you have brought a new dimension to my understanding of these matters. Through my contact with your programs I became aware of Robert Kiyosaki and am presently reading a third book written by him.

I have since changed my opinion about many matters, learnt to be inquisitive and not to just follow the stampede of the masses. I have learnt to forgive and love myself and only that way can I have love to give to others. I have learnt that I have to be a distribution channel for God because he wants to channel His love and grace through me to other people. He do not want me to chase after money and He promise in His word that if I serve Him in what I do he will add all that I need in abundance. He in fact challenges us to trust Him to the effect (Mal 3:10; St Mat 6:33).

I have come to the realization that to do the will of God does not necessarily mean to wear a raiment of camel hair and live in the dessert. Lots of His work are amongst us and are so neatly summarized by Mother Teresa: “Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor … let no-one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting”.

I have also learnt that the perception, that my life is not necessarily meant to be one of abundance, is total nonsense. I can have what I want and I can acquire it with what I have. I do not need to sit around and wait for the lucky break like the Lotto or something similar to happen in order to give me the break or platform to launch me into a life of abundance. True is the following slogan I once read: “Everything cometh to he who waiteth as long as he who waiteth worketh like hell while he waiteth”.

Thank you also for the knowledge that my hardest work is to think and not to toil in the sweat of my brow under another man’s yoke. To think about my own business and affairs and not allow outside forces to deviate my thoughts to their interests. Yes, I must also take action to realize my thoughts, my dreams and my goals, but it is easiest attained using other peoples time and money. So I have a lot to think about and therefore I must exercise my brain to get fit for this task. Luckily you are providing also that training to me. All of this in order that I will not in my old age walk the steep stairs of another man’s house and pitifully eat the bread from his table, to be able in my life to contribute to the work of God, the alleviation of need and distress in this world.

Yes nothing has changed as I am still confronted with exactly the same set off conditions and circumstances as before but I am changing my attitude and my mindset. I don’t change the way I do things, I am changing myself. In future I will still be confronted with adverse situations; life is not suddenly going to become a breeze. It depends on how I am going to approach life. It is not the card I am dealt with that make the difference; it is my attitude towards it and how I play it.

Is this easy? No it is not easy. Is this quick? No it is not quick. Is this necessary? Yes it is because it is my Christian responsibility to develop my talents to the fullest and a God given instruction to love Him and my fellow-man. Many years of bad habits are not changed overnight or in a Damascus experience.

It required me to learn to know myself, to forgive myself and other people, to love myself and to start feed my conscious mind with positive thoughts and not negative thoughts about other people and situations. It required me to take responsibility for my present situation, my own life and that of my family. It required me to accept God’s forgiveness which has always been at my disposal, payment for my sins that happened any ages ago with the crucifixion of Christ. It took the will to do it. It needed TEM$; Time, Effort, Mindset and Money.

What is practically changing so significantly in my own life? I feel that I am getting a new lease on life. I am exited about the future. I see life through a new lens. I can see possibilities that previously seemed like problems. I have made a major career/business move that would have sounded ludicrous a few months even a few weeks ago. I am experiencing life in a totally different dimension. Although I still have many Class 2 experiences I am slowly but surely changing them into Class 1 experiences and that is turning life into a breeze. I got rid of quite a few Class 3 and 4 experiences, read habits.

I do however know that I still have a lot to learn, but thank you Hannes for the practical way in which you present this knowledge to us. It is well presented and packaged and therefore easily and effectively consumable.

The best however is the understanding that nothing in the world outside has changed and will change. The change is happening inside me. I have access to the power in order to create my own future. I will definitely make mistakes but will use them as learning experiences. I will however limit their effects by applying my newly found knowledge to access and calculate the risk before I commit myself and manage it during the process instead of applying crisis management after matters go wrong. I do understand that acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process that requires commitment and persistence and that power is far better than force.

How did I effect the changes practically? I do understand that there are different courses for different horses and that every person does things his own way. I would however like to share very briefly the practical way in which I have approached the situation, in the hope that maybe it could benefit somebody else.

I saw your advert in, if I remember correctly, MY Week and Rapport and accessed your website. I loaded off the e-book and then attended your Free Seminar. I decided that it was worth, in view of the saving, to withdraw money from my access bond and enrolled for the Mentors Executive Membership. I started off with the Mentorship Program and the Property Courses on the 2nd of May 2007 and attended the Marketing and Business Development Course on 16th of June 2007 whilst I only started the Kaizen Challenge on the 10th of July 2007.

I must emphasize that the Time and Effort in TEM$ must be spend on the consumption of the material to exploit the true value whilst it must be approached with the right Mindset. Obviously it also needed the $ and if I were not in a position to raise the lump sum I would have enrolled for the monthly paid Mentorship Program. I just had to open my mind and let alternative wisdom enter. I cross referenced the information to my belief system and queried and scrutinized both to come to a conclusion.

I strictly read the weekly Mentorship lessons and after a few weeks I started studying and summarizing the lessons whilst catching up studying and summarizing the lessons from the start. I diligently tried to complete all the assignments although not always immediately as I am still sometimes struggling with the bad habit of procrastination. Later on I found that summarizing was not necessary any more.

The Kaizen Challenge daily lessons I print out during my early morning session of planning the day ahead and completing the previous day’s achievements. During the afternoon or evening I spend approximately half an hour reading the next day’s lesson and the next morning I study it intensely and do the exercise. I have found that as time went by this slotted in perfectly with my daily bible study and prayer session.

In the mean time I started to follow the above with early morning physical exercises as I needed to get fit and lose a little weight. I initially found the physical exercise very strenuous as my fitness was at a lower level as what I suspected, but it helped me to understand the management of the process of perseverance and setting and conquering of small goals. It became a big motivator in the whole process and at present I have changed this Class 2 experience into a Class 1 experience during which time I also enjoy to visualize my goals and condition my thoughts.

Although I am still battling with my goal setting, the Mentorship lessons are offering a unique, practical and informative process in dealing with this matter. I could never in the past get to grips with this aspect and no wonder that I find myself where I am. I do however believe that I am progressing in the right direction and are quiet enthusiastic at this point in time. I feel that your system is offering a workable solution that consist of a process starting from nothing and guiding me through every step on the way to setting and constructing a plan to meaningful, attainable and sustainable goal setting and achievement for myself and my family.

Hannes I do understand that I still have a long way to go in changing myself and forging my future. In fact I understand that it is a life long mission. I know that I will experience difficulties on the way but thank you for preparing and equipping me for the road ahead. You are showing me the way to fit the correct tires, shock absorbers, lights and other equipment for the road, the night and the bumps ahead. You are not only teaching me how to approach these with care and calculate its risks; but you are also preparing me to carefully access, patiently wait and then vigorously take advantage of the speed zones in order to accelerate my growth and achieve my goals in a sustainable manner and to preserve my wealth.

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