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Koos Botha

I cried to God for years and asked him to free me from the slavery of using force in my working environment and everything that is financial related. Of course I didn’t use the exact words then, but I experienced the slavery of working day and night and to still bring in only a small and very limited amount of money each month. I know what that verse “in the sweat of your face” means. I know what hell it is not to have anything and to know that you have a responsibility as a father to provide for your loved ones. I know how it feels to feel dead in this world that we are supposed to LIVE in! 

God first started to teach me through a Christian friend and then through the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I heard about Hannes from a person half my age a time ago when I visited somebody in Pretoria. I immediately decided to join his Executive Mentorship Program. I was only interested in financial breakthrough and didn’t even want to look at the Kaizen Challenge. Then I went to a seminar in Pretoria. I wanted to cry after Dieter spoke to us and I will never forget how ashamed I felt for every time that I complained in the past. The moment I saw and met Hannes, I knew that God was going to use this man in my life and that He will also lead me in triumph and victory in the financial area of my life. 
I immediately booked for the next day’s seminar as well. Vryburg is a long way from Pretoria and I had a lot of traffic on my way back, but when I arrived home late that night, I just knew that I knew that He will free me from strongholds, deception and lies and resistors that the enemy placed in my mind in this area of finances. I felt so ashamed of not doing my work and assignments properly after I heard that Hannes read each assignment himself, that I decided to also do the Kaizen Challenge with my whole heart!!!
I started day one of the Kaizen Challenge without having the slightest idea what it was all about – as you must have seen. When I started with the different daily goals, I saw it as longer term goals and really took a lot of time in my first day (as I actually supplied all my long term goals at that stage). I then told Hannes how I discovered wealth in 1994 after we lost everything financially and I met the Christ who still lives and abides in me. We are still wealthy – as I have a wonderful wife and kids - but not rich in the physical realm yet - only on our way there - as I cannot always give my family the best that I so long to give them.
I used to be super fit in the past, but became super passive since I started to work for the biggest financial institute in South Africa and became part of the Rat Race. I only worked and worked and never had time for anything else. 
The only time that I had in the past at this institution, was the times I dreamed about quitting this institution and work for myself or do my own thing. This dreams had to be in front of your Laptop or on the toilet, as there was no time for yourself. I am a father of kids and a husband, and don’t want to make any hasty moves in this regard is still trapped in this situation. 
I don’t know if I fear or if I’m just responsible in this regard? In any case, I got several warnings from medical staff about my blood pressure, stress and cholesterol. I decided to again make some time for physical practise, because of the Kaizen Challenge. My knee then gave in because of the shock of suddenly being active again, but in spite of that I now again practise by willingly doing something physical everyday. 
One of the challenges that I faced after my injury, was not to become passive again, but to find alternatives to the jogging that I like and did. I won’t break this practising habit again as I feel healthier, sleep nicer and know that it came just in time for me. Most bankers are burnt out at age 40 and I realised that I better take responsibility for my health. My wife is already in the vegetable juices, supplements etc. and she is now also out of her passive and “getting fat” days and into practising.
The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7: “For as he thinks (reckons in his soul) within himself, so he is …” NASB. On the second day of the Kaizen Challenge I decided not to further listen to any negative news. I cut it out of my life and am even positive about South Africa at this moment. Can you believe me? I even repented my negativity of the past! I still try my best to even be positive about ESCOM.
Since I started this Kaizen Challenge my days are now planned. In the past I did everything in my head. I now had to plan on the computer, but will continue with my planning on a piece of paper in future. The frustrations that I had with the Laptop were just too much for me to continue in that way. The only reason why I did it on the computer was only to proof that I completed the Kaizen Challenge.  
Sometimes program didn’t want to take it. We are staying on Armoedsvlakte near Vryburg and the signal is just like the name of the place: “Not very good”. (Sorry for those days that I scold your program and our reception, Hannes).
I used to have balance in my life before I started to work for the financial institution where I am currently “over employed” and possibly underpaid. I always said: “I never want to get involved in the Rat Race”, and after joining this institution, I suddenly found myself 149 % in it. 
I now chose to move back to certain disciplines that I neglected, and will not fall in the same trap again. I want this wheel of life to turn smoothly (without unnecessary hiccups).
During the Kaizen Challenge I also decided to complete my Masters Degree. I did it several years ago, but never finished my Script. “Eureka!”, I handed it in today (on the same day as finishing my Kaizen Challenge”. Coincidence? Maybe a bit, but also maybe because I woke up and took responsibility? Decide yourself. The qualifications are not going to help me at all, but won’t continue to take my focus from the learning that I intent in future. 
In future I will focus on the kind of relevant information that Hannes and Robert Kiyosaki (or Kawasaki?) gave us. The reason why I however also completed it is because I will now be able to know that I didn’t left anything undone. I didn’t quit. I finished, as I am a winner by His Grace! 

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