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Leon Scott

I am a spirit with a body.

This to me was an important new paradigm. For the issue of a mindset is addressed directly when one think of yourself in this manner. This Kaizen challenge addressed the question of a new mindset in a very comprehensive manner, and with extreme depth. 
I now make time to seek silence as a first activity for the day. 
Through the readings and exercises of the Kaizen Challenge, I have come to believe that I am a channel through which the Universal Mind makes things possible. 
This is quite a challenge, one which I will work on a continuous basis.
Dr Hannes Dreyer in the Kaizen Challenge emphasizes the role of, as well as the functions of the conscious and subconscious mind. 
Through the Kaizen Challenge I am learning to be very vigilant about what my conscious mind allows to enter the subconscious mind. I try to gradually restrict what the mass media wants me to consider. 
One immediate benefit is that I watch much less television. 
I am very selective what I sit down to watch (the goal is to get rid of this waste of time). The news is not that important anymore. The fewer minutes I spent in font of a television, the more time I have to concentrate on things that is a class 1 or class 2 activity. I have got a whole list of much more meaningful tasks that I can do in that time. 
I’m rediscovering my love for reading. And I am not referring to reading material of a professional nature. What is also quite astounding is that I can consider thoughtfully how to best approach a particular matter, of any type. 
Already I was able to see that I need to be much more committed to my research if I plan to reach a major professional goal. 
Through the Kaizen challenge I come to realize that I can put much more in the relationship with my wife, with my children, with family and with friends. 
These past 48 days saw me taking steps to enrich all of these relationships.
The Kaizen Challenge teaches one to be passionate about pursuing one’s goal. It teaches one to be truthful. It teaches one to identify what is your purpose in life. Why are you here? Can you remember what your dreams were as a child. It challenges you to approach life with a positive demeanor. To believe that there is a life of abundance waiting for everyone
I am going to redo the Kaizen challenge, after a break of one week.  I plan to identify an objective in each of the five categories of tasks, and than change them positively over the 49 day period.

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