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Linda Horsfield

When I decided to do the Kaizen Challenge I was at the lowest point in my life, having endured several years of nothing but one disaster after another – and I was totally lost and did not know how to turn my life around.

My daily mantra was “I must have been very evil in a former life for God to punish me like this”.
When I was 14 I met and fell in love with my future husband. I also started a very successful payroll consultancy, doing work that I loved. After 13 years of marriage, and several years of infertility treatment, I found out I was pregnant. My husband had always wanted to run his own business, and I had always intended to stop working if I was ever lucky enough to have a child, so it was an easy decision for me to give up my very successful consultancy, and put all my money into his new business. 
Life was perfect – or so I thought….   When my daughter was a few months old I received a phone call from my then husband’s mistress – informing me of their long-term affair. In an instant I lost everything I had treasured. I subsequently discovered that my husband had transferred all my assets into a trust (of which I was neither a trustee nor beneficiary) not to protect if from creditors in case his business failed, but to protect them from me in the divorce settlement. So 2 properties which I had bought with money I inherited, and for which I had paid every cent – landed up belonging to my ex-husband – and I had to buy them back if I wanted to keep them. However, with no job and a small baby who suffered from chronic asthma – no easy feat. By taking in paying lodgers in my house, and worked 16 to 18 hours a day at 3 jobs I managed to achieve this.
After this experience I swore off men entirely, and decided to spend my life alone with my daughter. However, a few years later I met a man who made me change my mind. I was totally devoted to him, and admired and respected him. About a year into our relationship he advised that he had a short term liquidity problem and needed a loan for a few weeks. I had just received an inheritance, so I lent him a substantial amount of money – in terms of a written acknowledgement of debt,. As he owned several shopping centres’s which were worth hundreds of millions of rands, I did not feel that this was reckless. 
Sadly he failed to settle the debt by the time I ended our relationship nearly 3 years later. I then discovered that a) he did not even need the loan b) he was trying to avoid legal responsibility for the debt by delaying for 3 years till the loan prescribed c) he would also not pay me the commission he owed me for leasing shops in his various centre’s.
Once again I found myself without the man I loved and in financial distress.
This time I plunged into a terrible depression and I questioned my judgment in everything. I felt that I was obviously such a bad judge of character that I was able to choose 2 men who I thought were men of honesty and integrity, and who turned out to be anything but. I was so depressed that I was unable to motivate myself to do anything. I only managed to get out of bed to take my daughter to school – returning home to spend the day in tears, feeling sorry for myself. Needless to say, my consultancy work dwindled to nothing – just when I needed it the most. The rental market had plummeted, and my property was standing empty.   My car developed a problem with the automatic gearbox, which resulted in me being stranded on the side of the road almost on a weekly basis. Despite spending every spare cent I had – they were unable to diagnose the problem – other than to say it was an intermittent fault with the computer!
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my daughter and I were attacked by armed gunmen in our home. They tied us up while they ransacked the house, and as a farewell gesture – fired at me at point blank range. The only reason I am still alive to tell the tale is because, according to the police, they had the wrong caliber ammunition for the gun. I am not a materialistic person at all – but I cherished a ring and bracelet that I had inherited from my mother – which I had now lost. 
As a result of the trauma, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and my daughter suffered a breakdown, and now suffers from an auto immune disease brought on by stress. Even the slightest injury causes her body to attack itself resulting in her being in absolute agony. On several occasions when I was trying to get her to hospital – my car decided to develop its “intermittent fault” and we were left stranded on the side of the road. There is nothing worse than being unable to help someone you love who is in pain.
I felt a total failure in every area of my life – and did not know how to fix it.
Then a friend told me about your free lectures on buying property. THIS I could afford! I was so excited to think that I could buy properties for free – and then devastated to learn that this was only possible if you had surplus funds – which I did not have. However, I loved your passion for what you did, and was determined to live my life with the same enthusiasm as you. Despite you saying that you should never sell your property, it was the only way I could see that I could settle my debts and be in a position to benefit from your advice.
So, I sold my rental house (which wasn’t earning me any rental anyway) and after settling my debts, I attended your Property Pro Workshop. I was blown away by it, and determined to emulate you and become a property tycoon. 
I then started receiving your emails about all your courses and reading the success stories motivated me to start the Kaizen Challenge. I started full of enthusiasm, but found myself saying .Yes…BUT… I just really couldn’t buy into it because of my past experiences where helping someone else resulted in them prospering, and me losing everything. I found with each day I got more irritated because what I was reading did not correspond with my experience. To me it was just words….and annoying ones at that. In fact I got so frustrated that I decided to speak to you about my situation …..and that conversation with YOU Hannes, changed my life!
I decided to start the challenge again from day 1 – this time NO IFS OR BUTS!!! I was now receptive to what I was reading, instead of finding an argument to contradict it.
Taking responsibility for my life, instead of feeling like a victim – has given me back my power. I realize that it is ME and ME alone who are responsible for how I think, feel and act – and I chose to be happy and successful.
Even though I have not achieved what your other students have done in terms of financial success – I feel like the wealthiest person on the planet – because I start each day with joy in my heart, and gratitude for so many things that I used to take for granted – or even failed to realize.
I am blessed with the most beautiful daughter in the world (both inside and out) – who has brought me joy every day for 16 years.
I have the most wonderful friends, some of whom have been part of my life for 40 years. They are always there to help me get my daughter to hospital when my car breaks down – without me even having to ask.
I am grateful for the wonderful doctors who take care of my daughter – even coming out of surgery to administer pain killing injections to help her. 
I decided to be act optimistic and cheerful – even if I didn’t really feel it, and miraculously I DID start to feel it.   I have found that people are now seeking me out for business, and work is starting to pour in.
Taking advice from your Property Pro course as well as the Kaizen Challenge – I bought a property on sheriff auction at a great price. I renovated it, which I really loved, and the bonus was selling the property in 1 week, at a higher price than I thought I would get.
I then bought another property on sheriff auction, but this one has not been so easy, as it turned out it was part of an insolvent estate, so should never have been sold. I am battling to get my deposit back, but with my new optimism, I know it will be resolved.
I am now so busy reading all the books you recommended (Think Like a Tycoon, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and others like The Road Less Travelled, The Secret and the Master Key by Charles Haanel) that I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. But even better, I don’t think I have any reason to feel sorry, because my life is wonderful, and gets better each day.
Hannes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing joy back into my life

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