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Linda Smith

At the end of last year (2006) I made a big decision to resign from my job. Realizing that this was my only form of stable income the decision was not an easy one. One of the reasons for making this decision was that I felt somehow that I had outgrown my career and there was this driving thought that there had to be more to life than I was currently experiencing.

When I left in December 2006 I had no idea as to what lay ahead. I was definitely at a loss as to the direction my life would take. My husband and I had bought a few properties and to start off with, I was going to manage these properties and somehow find something else I could get passionate about. In order to help me with my new role in property management and to boost my interest, my husband asked if I wanted to attend a Property Pro course held by someone called Hannes Dreyer. My husband had seen this advertised on a website. I agreed, thinking that I had to do something so why not make a go of this. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a life changing experience. Let me now jump to the present July 2007.
I have just completed the Kaizen Challenge – today is 22nd July. I am incredibly proud of myself, not only because I completed the 49 days but because I like – no love the person I have become. Over the past five months, I have been exposed to a variety of sources (not only the Kaizen challenge) that have taught me one of the greatest lessons. A quote from Buddha says it best: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought” and that what we are thinking and feeling today is creating our future. The Kaizen Challenge focused my thoughts and the daily lessons and mind exercises taught me to become the person I love today. I can’t wait to see how I have grown in the next 49 days because I know that growth is constant and there will be a never-ending improvement.
A memorable moment that I experienced while doing the Kaizen Challenge happened about two weeks into the challenge. I phoned an acquaintance in the teaching field and asked her if she would be interested in a business opportunity that I had started because of the mentor programme. After explaining a little about the concept, she kept quiet for a while and then said that she hadn’t heard anyone this excited and motivated for a long while. She went on to talk about all the negativity around her and how this phone call was like a breath of fresh air. This was when I first realised how I was changing and people were starting to notice. This was not an isolated experience.
I just seem to be in a different place to many of my friends around me and this is everything to do with the way I am thinking and believing. When I try to explain what I am learning to my closest friends, I can see a blank look on their face – they are beginning to think I am a bit strange. But one thing they cannot get away from is my positive outlook and belief that there are ways to reach your goals and dreams. I truly believe that life is good and the opportunities for wealth in all areas is real.
A wonderful plus to completing this Kaizen Challenge is that I have dragged my husband along in the process. Not a day goes by when we don’t talk about the lessons I have learnt in the challenge. We are both improving and growing together and this has made our lives exciting. There is nothing more motivating than sharing these positive thoughts and experiences with someone you love because you constantly reaffirm and edify each other. (It is wonderful for your self esteem)
My daily routine now has purpose and I achieve what I think is important. I have never been so organized in my life and so successful in completing these things. I begin my day with reading a lesson and take the time to fill in my daily schedule.  This is worked out the night before. Once I have sent the kids off for the day I take the time to work on my thoughts. This has become a special time for me and it has helped me grow. I know that I am responsible for my own life.
There were always curve balls throughout the challenge that I had to overcome and I know that there will be more in the future. Some of these challenges were dealing with negative people, dealing with disappointment and rejection. When I started the challenge time was an issue but I learnt to deal with this and in the process become more focused and organized. Effort and drive to success was also something I had to work on. I knew that I had overcome this when I could not sit and watch TV over the weekend without feeling one edge that there were more important things to do with our time. What would life be without a few curve balls? It is how you approach those challenges and solving them with integrity, honesty and perseverance you can overcome anything.
For me - I am a changed person. Life has a purpose and I have definite goals that I will achieve. I will continue to learn and improve my situation daily. I will be driving the start of my new businesses and will ensure that they not only benefit my but those that are working with me. I am determined to teach my children what I have learned so that they don’t have to get to 40 years old and only then wake up and smell the roses. I am going to be truly free – I am going to have the time to do what I want when I want because I know what it takes to be successful and wealthy. 
If it is to be it is up to me.

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