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Lindsey Dallas-Orr

Each of the 49 lessons has had a message, a message of hope and encouragement, that there is a better life for each one of us if we just make the time and effort to explore those new ideas. A message of hope and enlightenment to change the path of one’s current life into an awesome experience.

For me personally, going forward, the knowledge received from the lessons, applied, in simple ways on a daily basis can and will make all the difference in all areas of my personal life. I am my own creator of all things and before doing the challenge that awareness was there, but obscure. The benefit gained from that insight alone was worth doing all the lessons. Coming into the silence each day and giving your mind time to think ' good for you thoughts' was a very fulfilling and at times emotional experience for me.
I now know the areas of my life that need working on. I am grateful and humbly aware of those blessings that I have already received. This alone has been a real eye opener, that I already have so much to be grateful for and to remember to show gratitude and to praise our Creator for all my blessings. My goals are clearer than before and I feel more empowered to achieve them from the knowledge gained and the 'know how' to apply that knowledge. To feel in control of one's destiny and future is a wonderful feeling.
My personal relationship with my husband has and is improving daily and without having done the challenge we could have been doomed for failure. What a blessing that is!
Another, possibly the greatest benefit I gained from the challenge, was realizing that my spiritual life was empty and after completing the challenge I now have made a daily prayer time with our Creator. “He is as close as your hands and feet” was a statement which really struck an inner cord in my soul.
Another fantastic door of opportunity that has opened for me, having done the challenge is the interest it has created in learning more about how our conscious and subconscious mind operates. I have located Charles Haanel’s Master Key System book and having gone through the Challenge twice it has made reading the book easier to understand and made certain points even clearer than before. The more you learn, the more things that possibly were not that clear before, clarity just arrives.

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