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Louisa Langley

Everything I have written above within the timeframe has been achieved as again stated below and summarized in principle achievements.

Yes! This is indeed the end of the 49 days, but actually it is the end of the beginning of the rest of my life.
The positivity with which I now envisage my life is so positive that I actually sometimes get scared and wonder when the bubble is going to burst.
I’ve always been a career woman and know and have practiced how to set objectives, plan, and then evaluate the achievements. However this is different in that I now no longer just look and service to others, but also allow myself to think of myself and the other 4 objectives you have focused my attention on in this Kaizen program.
Thinking of money has always been a no-no. Brought up in a Calvinistic and missionary environment it was only my service to others that was acceptable. Trying to give my dues was always a problem and I cannot wait to generate enough to have plenty to give to the less fortunate.
My career in serving others has simply perpetuated this belief.
I have a doctoral degree with everything that precedes it, but at the age of 64 have found myself to have climbed the ladder resting against the wrong wall!!!
I have had the most wonderful career but now that I need to retire find that the material means is not there.
This is where the Kaizen principles and lessons have been so encouraging that although late it is not too late to think fresh and actually still do something exciting that can prevent me from being a burden to my family.
It has also strengthened my spiritual side in that it is exhilarating to talk to the Lord wherever I am and not just when I can kneel at my bedside.
I feel Him ever present and know He supports me through all the trials and tribulations. If He doesn’t then I know and feel His presence that I am not going His way and am busy with actions that do not please Him.
My children and grandchildren that at times are very tiring and irritating have found a new calmness in me and our time together have more quality than before.
I have started tidying up my financial arena which has always been a nightmare as a sole breadwinner, but even that I will manage with the principles you have got me to believe in plus your formula for Wealth Creation.
Time is few and I will have to move as fast as I’m able to proceed but have already found this not to be so simple. I have seen several places I can grow in financially with passive growth, starting small, but need to wait to get surplus to be able to do this. At this stage the opportunity of getting loans with debt outstanding and my age will not just happen – so great planning and caution needs to be implemented for the next move. I feel more positive than I ever have and do believe that I will make it, but contrary to what you say I  cannot just throw caution to wind, even tying up my assets in two trusts that I have also started.
Thank you so much for all the wisdom and experience you have shared with me without which I would not even have known I could do something and how to go about it.
I re-look your Trusts and Property DVDs again and again learning something new every time I look at them.
That valuable information one could not gain from anywhere else.
May God continue to bless you and your family as well as me and my family to provide what I cannot provide now.
My principle achievements have been:
  •  An appreciation for you wanting to share your experience and knowledge with me.
  •  Enthusiasm and a wonderful new lease of life to want to create wealth
  •  A calmness regarding future financial problems. Even my skeptical children support me in practicing the principles of Wealth Creation and the Kaizen principles.
  •  Working steadily at a project and completing it bit by bit in the Kaizen method.
  •  A greater communication with God.
  •  An impatient to create the wealth so as to have ample to give abundantly to those not so fortunate.
  •  To tidy up my financial affairs
  •  Giving the Lord all my  problems and not expecting  to solve them as I would wish, but abandoning them to God to fix in His own time and way.
  •  Learning the difference between "wanting" property as to what constitutes a good investment.
  •  Do the calculations before deciding on a deal.
  •  A wonderful appreciation for what can be achieved if I think outside the box as I now do.


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