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Machiel Lucas

This realization has released such energy via thought, that one occasional still fall back on the idea that this might just be a dream. This however is clearly shattered with numerous small examples of the visualization to realization process which confirms the process in hard “personal” evidence.

The realization that the God live in you and your are a channel to His glory put a whole new perspective of what and how to do things. This has given me a better perspective on the Truths we have learned so well in Bible and how they a wonderfully crafted to work together to favor / help us as God creations.

But we can just stand amazed of how wonderful God created our minds !!

The above was further reconfirm by Stephan Joubert’s book “ Beheer God jou denke”.

Going forward, the lesson on focusing on the numbers and understanding the risk will undoubtedly uncluttered the decision making process and can be clearly understood with the 20/20 hind sight vision under current economic conditions.

The disciple of dealing with your fear on a daily basis will help you to be more relaxed and able to have meaningful relationship with GOD though your prayers and mediation. Secondly purposely focus your incredible mind on your goals make you aware of the huge assault on your mind from external sources. This required perseverance to achieve over the long run.

To share my realization with family and friends, has further enhancedhe experience to color it in with their experience. But one item remain clear, people are not taking “me time” and not taking responsibility and as a result the discussions on the topics were nice but will not chance them for now.

Be that as it may, I think it essential that this “Truth” is made know to as many people as possible and very specifically the youth! I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if I knew this earlier. Thus starting with my own children, then expanding to the youth where possible, I am truly motivated to share this with them.

Thanks Hannes for truly sharing!

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