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Marietjie Van Der Heyde

When I look back 49 days, I feel as if a miracle has happened.

 49 days ago I was seriously contemplating suicide. 
My life had reached a point where I could not see a future, despite the fact that I had a wonderful and supportive family. I had recently lost my mother, whom I had taken care of for a few years before her death, and the grief of losing her was destroying me. In addition, we had reached a financial crisis point, for which there did not seem any solution, and I was looking at losing my home. 
The stress was having a severe effect on my normally joyful and optimistic husband, and he started having health problems as a result of this. I was in a continuous depressed, intensely sad, and anxious, almost panicky state. This started affected my children, and I could see the constant worry in their eyes, which only made it worse. I did not think I had the strength to continue any more.
Then unexpectedly, on a Tuesday morning, came the Kaizen Challenge. I was already doing just about anything I thought I could to try and improve my emotional state and our financial affairs, so when this message arrived, it was almost a case of: well, another system/process could not hurt, so let’s try.
In the beginning it was very difficult. I could not focus my thoughts, as they were running at a million miles per second, in circles around my problems. As the time went on, this improved, and when I started waking up half an hour before my kaizen time in the morning, I knew that something inside me was changing.
I think the final shift came when my husband and I decided to do the Powermorphing course, feeling that it could only improve our situation. He could see a difference in me since the start of the kaizen challenge, and was quite eager for us to do the course. During the day of the course I had to confront my grief over my mother’s death, and more than that, I realised that I had a magnificent future to look forward to. All I needed to do was to let go and allow the Universe to give it to me, and to stop being the pathetic idiot I had been for such a long time.
My kaizen mornings became my “talk time” with myself and my Creator, I started reading my Bible seriously again for the first time in years, and in doing my Power goals, my whole life changed.
49 days later I am happier and more optimistic than I have been for a very long time. I appreciate every beautiful moment of my life. I love my family and spend wonderful times with them, we have established our relationships on a level again that I had thought lost forever.
Financially, things have started to improve and amazing opportunities are suddenly arriving out of the blue. Maybe they have always been there, but we were in such a state that we could not see it. It is so exciting now to look forward to what will happen next in our lives. Now every day is a precious gift.
I cannot express in words my deep gratitude towards you for giving me this opportunity to change my life in this way. Please continue your work- it is helping people more than you will ever know.

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