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Marius Adams

The Kaizen Challenge is a time I can truly describe as the most exiting time of my life. A new birth for Marius Louis Adams!

I grew up in a small mining town, where most people I known’s vision didn’t even reach the end of town. My life was mediocre. I never challenged myself. I never thought I could achieve anything that my parents or I could be proud of. 
But then I committed my life to the Lord on 1 February 2004 and everything changed. I asked the Lord for wisdom in all areas of my life. With this, I also realised that financial freedom was a part of His plan for me.
The Lord promises: “If you ask something in My divine will; I will give it to you.” What never crossed my mind, is that the Lord cannot give what you ask if you are not ready for it. He first wanted to equip me and give me tools to achieve financial freedom and thereafter life in abundance, which He promises in His Word.
Dr. Hannes Dreyer crossed my path a year ago. I immediately realized that this man is a Godsend, and was going to be my mentor.
At the Kaizen Wealth Challenge onset, I accepted the challenges enthusiastically. I encountered a few hiccups submitting my daily exercises and achievements initially and nearly gave up, but Hannes phoned, encouraged and advised me. After that phone call I just knew that I wouldn’t let the Lord, Hannes or myself down.
The Kaizen challenge taught me that I would achieve my goals when I take one step at a time. The Lord equips us with such an amazing and powerful mind that we can move mountains. What I believe it in my heart, I would achieve!
My goals on the five areas of my life:
1. Financial & career
I set myself a goal to raise R500 000 in 49 days but changed it to R1 000 000 before the 17th of December 2007.
2. Relationship
Move my new relationship into a higher level. Reconcile with my oldest sister that I haven’t spoken to in 5 years.
3. Mind
Do the power-morphing course and complete the Kaizen challenge
4. Physical
Get my body into shape. Run the 2.4km in 11 minutes.
5. Spiritual
Move my relationship with Father God into a higher level. Help one of my best friends to commit his life to Jesus.
By applying the Kaizen the principles, my achievements went beyond expectations.

Financial & career

I was disappointed when I didn’t reach my goal on the set date, until I drove home 3 weeks later and realized: I HAD MADE IT!! The subdivision of my yard went through before the 17th of December. The subdivided yard with a granny flat was valued at R700 000-00. The equity on my home is R500 000. A separate yard that I had 50% shares in rezoning also went through before the 17th of December. My equity on that was R150 000. I have property that is debt-free and worth a lot more than I realised! I made well over a million Rand in those few months. I doubled my expectations! I also had a huge success in my referral marketing business. Without even setting goals for that, using the Kaizen techniques as part of my life, I became no. 5 in the country! As recognition and incentive, I received a paid holiday to Vietnam with a partner in August and also a paid weekend to Namibia in November.


This is my fairytale story! I set my goals for my dream life mate in December 2006, part of which was a wish list with 20 criteria. I met Nikki on 21 March 2007. I did the fire walk that same day and had to rush to my first date with this beautiful lady. The date was set as a socialising between friends because we were both allergic to blind dates. I liked what I saw (my wish-list soon had a lot of checked blocks!), but didn’t want to make mistakes I made in previous relationships. I incorporated principles of Kaizen in our relationship and it worked like a bomb! I asked her to marry me on the dunes in Namibia and… We are getting married on the 8th of March 2008!


I did the power-morphing course on day 27 of the challenge. It completely blew my mind! I took all my set goals and immediately applied the power morphing principles with astonishing results. The Kaizen challenge helped me in a very practical way to define my goals and forever change my way of thinking. The exercises and goal settings helped me to “eat the big elephant bit by bit”. Without taking one step at a time; I couldn’t have come this far. It is the thread running throughout this testimonial. I can say that the Kaizen challenge and power-morphing course was the end result of mental toughness!


I lost 11kg in the 49 days! I didn’t diet but changed my eating lifestyle completely, by cutting out unnecessary sugars, as well as bread. Hannes taught me about the effect of unhealthy eating habits on my mental functioning. By using visualisation techniques, prior to running the 2.4km, I ran it in 10.49 minutes on day 49 of the Kaizen challenge. It was something I aimed towards but wasn’t able to achieve for more than 6 months!


My relationship with the Lord moved to a much more intimate level. I experience Him with every breath I take. I had the amazing experience of witnessing my friend committing his life to Jesus. The Word says that when someone is saved, the angels rejoice. It was my privilege to rejoice with them!
Where to from here?
I learnt that it wouldn’t help disciplining myself daily by force; I must have an intent and burning desire to achieve my goals.
My thoughts and words are the tools for directing my life forward.
The only one responsible for the rest of my life is myself. I have to take control of what goes into my mind, my eyes and ears.
Hannes, I thank you for investing in my life in countless ways.

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