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Marius Van Wyk

I want to take this opportunity in thanking you for your efforts in making it easy (simple) for us in taking responsibility for our success/future by creating mediums eg the Kaizen Challenge.
In my specific case, I want to go back in the past and not only focus on the Kaizen Challenge. As is the case with a lot of other students, I met you some time ago and since then subscribed to all your seminars, training courses, DVD’s, E-books, software, programmes, fire-walking experience, etc – the reasons for attending these (and I’m sure the future ones to come) came down to (1) the fact that a trust relationship has been build between you and myself and (2) also in the manner you present your material, etc. – you want your students to succeed.
Hannes, I’m not trying to write the “best-selling story” for any purposes, but I would like to list a few aspects that changed since we’ve met:
  • Mind what sums it up for me, is by using one your quotes “If you are driven by the desire (intent) to live out your full God-given potential.... to use your talents, to reach your dreams, to have life in abundance, then your thoughts and therefore your actions will be driven by love”
  • Financial learned that without doing the correct calculations, you can’t make any informed decisions. I bought property by just doing the calculations. To first invest in yourself before investing in anything else. Do away with the traditional way of eg retirement planning. “Money is therefore of no value except to bring about the conditions which we desire, and these conditions are necessarily harmonious”.
  • BodyI experienced some huge changes – I stopped smoking by not slowing down first – by just “telling myself” to stop – I classified myself as a heavy smoker. I also “scaled down” as a heavy alcohol user and I’m definitely much better off than before. I know I can stop whenever I want too. Daily exercises - I started doing this on the challenge – and to my surprise enjoyed it and now planning (and doing) bigger things in this regard – eg fun-runs, half marathons, sport participation, etc
  • Relationships learned that “True Wealth” includes joy, happiness, love, harmony and abundance – and therefore I worked on my relationships with my wife (and business partner), children, other close family, friends, staff and even competitors. Been together with my wife for more than 28 years – I think the last few years are by far the best.
  • Spiritual   always been an aspect of my life which I kept for my myself and although there are many aspects still to work on (as with the others), I’m a LOT closer to God than ever before. In reading (recommended by you) “Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God” by Wayne W. Dyer gave that extra motivation to meditate on aspects what you want and desire.
What I also learned from the Kaizen Challenge, is the continuous improvement strive - although all aspects above seem to be big achievements to me, I now continuously need to work on all of them and also those not mentioned........
I’m continuously working on MY purpose on earth and to set bigger goals. I appreciate the follow quote: “You will discover that one of the secrets of success........ one of the methods of organising victory, one of the accomplishments of the Wealth Creators mind....... is to think big thoughts.
In the Powermorphing training, you take your students through an imaginary exercise that you have only 30 days to live....... Although it’s a difficult aspect to accept, the last two (2) weeks I experienced the impact on myself and only then I realised the true impact of the “time factor”. In short, a few days ago I was informed that my best friend, now living in England, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and that he only have a few days to live. I just returned after visiting him and although he seems positive (I still believe that he can be cured) – helpless now and for years working with me and not being off-sick for 1 day in almost 14 years – I came to realise that we must not postpone “serious matters” and that should get “your life in order”.
In terms of future dreams, the following:
“To own a secure park-like resort in the Overberg, Western Cape”. To achieve this: to apply what I’ve learned and still going to learn. 


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