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Mark Hudson

I guess for me the best result I received from the challenge would be the fact that my fiancĂ© told me, out of the blue, that she can see the change.

Inside my head I knew all the changes that were going on but never realized that someone on the outside could see them too!! However, that is of course what its all about! Change the inside and the outside will follow! 
I now make time for myself every morning where as in the past this never happened. I start the day with prayer and end it in prayer, whereas in the past I was much like a sailor and only became very religious when the sea was bad. I now know what it is that I want out of life, not what I was told I want.
I run all my daily plans past me, the inner me, the true I. If it gets a thumbs up I go ahead.
In a nutshell, I have taken control and responsibility for my life!
Once I took control I was able to achieve certain physical things that I had not been able to do in the past. Some examples would be the fact that I stopped smoking, I have lost about 6 Kg. 
Some of the difficulties that I found with the challenge were making the time at first. Other times my work would take me out of town and 'signal' which meant that I was not able to receive my lesson. Sometimes I would also not have a plan for that specific category for the day. At first I would force myself to put something in there just for the sake of having something there. However towards the end I realized that this is my challenge and that if I don't have a plan that’s fine. As long as I make small steps and changes I will be improving! My Goal is to improve ME!
My plan for the future would be to start the challenge over starting immediately. For another 49 days I would like to watch myself change as well as to check up on my 'goals'. In the long run I will keep the time I have allocated for myself every day and draw strength and help from my inner me.
Thank you Dr Hannes for the changes I have accomplished with your aid and thank you for the changes and achievements still to come!

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