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Mel Marx

The Kaizen Challenge was the 3rd rung of a ladder that has lead me to an exciting world of possibility, dream and goal attainment. 

The first rung that took me up that ladder was the ‘firewalking experience’ which truly woke me up to the possibilities of becoming a Wealth Creator
The next step was the ‘Powermorphing’ course that taught me how to create power goals and then to instruct my subconscious to create my goals and dreams. 
As I said the 3rd rung on this ladder was the Kaizen Challenge that taught me the activity and discipline necessary to attain the goals and dreams that my subconscious was already fashioning for me. I very quickly understood how to create daily activity but also how to start disciplining my mind not to be distracted by other people’s dreams and constant bombardment of information. I also grew to understand how to take accountability for my thoughts and interrogate everything that I see, hear and am told.
The Kaizen Challenge took me on a cognitive journey opening my mind to the fact that the world is full of possibility and opportunity.
Some of the things that have happened to me are:  I now have a list that increases daily with wealth creating ideas, one of which we are currently working on to make a reality. I have a real certainty for the first time that I will be wealthy in all the aspects of my life as the writers of the ‘Secret’ put it, harmonic wealth (all aspects of your life being in perfect harmony). I have also come to understand that my God wants abundance for me and nothing that I have learnt from all the new sources of information I now consult is contrary to my Christian belief in anyway on the contrary it supports everything that is written in the Bible.
To me the Kaizen Challenge is a programme that is not just 49 days long but should be executed back to back 49 days, then start again for another 49 days for as long as is possible every time you start and do it again you learn new things about yourself and the exercises strengthens you focus.
Hannes thanks for being the mentor and coach I have been seeking for a very long time. A mentor who absolutely leads by example and asks the type of questions that holds a mirror up to our souls so that we can see the short comings and take responsibility to grow or not.

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John Wait
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Mike Ward
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Andre Quinlan
I have experienced minor but nevertheless profound changes over the past 7 weeks of the challenge. The main item I noticed was the importance of doing things every day in all the main areas of life. I probably neglected some areas before the challenge, certainly not giving enough attention to the relationships aspect, and I now contact friends Read more...
Dries Reyneke
Wow. What an experience. The last 49 days was a real roller coaster ride for me and my family. I made copies of the daily lessons and gave them to my family to read and work through. That was a BIG mistake. When I did something wrong they would quickly correct me and refer me back to the daily exercises that we did. At first I though that they wouldn’t Read more...