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Michael Gwabeni

This is how my story begins; towards the middle of last year I saw an advert in the newspaper about a free seminar on wealth creation. For some reason I could not shake it out of my mind and I took a decision to attend. The seminar was held in Midrand in the early evening. From that day I have never regretted because Hannes has continued to challenge all my belief systems. To cut a long story short I joined the mentorship and Kaizen Challenge and I have been following lessons ever since. My motivation is that I want to change my later years from the struggles of the past which have characterized my life up to now.

Although I have not made a financial breakthrough yet I am positive and know that my success is coming. In fact in my eagerness, or greed as Hannes puts it, I went through the lessons at such a fast pace and only realized that I missed a lot of points. Later I realized that I had to go back and reread some of the lessons. That on its own has taught me a lesson not to rush and that quick fixes never last. My life has changed drastically since I started the lessons. One of the biggest things I have gained is to know that thoughts become things and therefore I need to focus my thoughts on what I want – the value of positive thinking. Also that my thoughts are the cause and the results I get are the effects.
I have also become wary of the so-called attractions which are actually time wasters like television, newspapers, radio, etc. I have realized that one does not achieve much that is constructive from spending time watching or reading them.
I have also learned the value of quite time to rejuvenate my spirit and connect with the Almighty. I am also learning to control my thoughts, the value of inner control as I believe this knowledge will help me to change my life. No longer am I controlled by things and wild thoughts which used to pull me to and from like tides and currents in the sea.
Before the programme I had never heard about the wheel of life and obtaining balance in the affairs of my life. I am now already a better person because I seek to balance my life between all the relevant areas of my life. Most importantly I am able to spend time with my loved ones. Before the lessons it was work, work and more work even on weekends. I virtually did not have time for my family and myself. I was working hard but there is nothing to show out of all that toil and hard work. 
For the first time in my life I do have a plan of action that I am following on a day to day basis that I believe will change my life as I achieve my goals. I am continuing to grow on a daily basis in line with the kaizen spirit and I believe that a huge breakthrough is in the nearby horizon. Thank you Hannes for helping all those who want to change their lives around.

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