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Michael Janssen

Do I feel like one in a million? A resounding yes!

Do I regard myself as superior to my contemporaries? No!
I only think that I may be able to use my talents more productively (sometimes).
I am a hard of hearing, hands-on father of 2 Angels (2 and 4 years). I can only meaningfully communicate in a person to person basis. In group situations I am like a fish out of water. I cannot make use of the phone. The only meaningful way I can communicate long distance is via e-mail or text message. As can be imagined this seriously hampers one’s ability to do all the wheeling and dealing required for the running of a business, or to keep long distance relationships alive etc.
I have blamed much of my (relative) lack of success on my hearing, or mostly on other people’s conception of my impairment. I have blamed other people because they stared themselves blind against my impairment, instead of giving me a change to do this or that.
I now know that I was the only person ever to put real boundaries around myself. I have come to realize that I, me, myself are holding my destiny (God permitting) in my own hands. I have removed my destiny from the hands of people and organizations that I have allowed to control my life and destiny.
I have applied Kaizen to my life the past 49 days. The results are visible.
I have been able to visualize my lower back pain away.
My wife is happier; we have a deeper understanding and are more supportive of each other.
My children are happy and laughing. Mind you, they have always been, but I enjoy their company much more.
I came to enjoy the early mornings immensely and will jealously guard over my precious meditation time.
My non existent relationships with people at work (I own part of it) has improved.
I am more productive at work and at home.
I am building on relationships that have stagnated, and am seeking to start new ones.
Monetary wise I am hesitant to state the slight improvement in my bank balance has been the result of Kaizen, but I have been working faithfully on my monetary goals although no results are visible yet.
Spiritually I have grown immensely. I am nearer God than ever before. He is in me and I in Him. I pray that when people look at me, they may see a glimmer of Him in me, his humble servant.
My Kaizen journey was not an easy one. I went through a depressive time, but sticking to Kaizen I got through it. Getting out of the rut was never easy for anyone I think. There are many areas that calls for improvement. I skimped on my mentor’s, but look forward to getting back on track.
I am grateful for all that I have, that I am, that I can do. I am grateful that I have been able to partake in the challenge. I am grateful to my mother whom has paid this course as way as a present to me. This probably is the biggest present I have ever gotten from her.
I think I can say that I am a happy person now, due to Kaizen.
I am grateful to you Hannes, for giving me, and us this opportunity. For sharing with us. Congratulations on your fantastic English! When starting the course I at first thought that you had bought the course from someone else, and was presenting it to us with a bit of your own content. Well done, I am glad to be proven wrong!
This 49 day Kaizen exercise was only the beginning of a much longer, larger, fulfilling journey that now lay ahead. I plan to enjoy the journey, is it ever completed? Should we not regard the journey as the destination?

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