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Mikaeel Gengan

I have realized that "I" am the key to my destiny. 

No one else.
I can do whatever I want to, whenever I want to and with whom ever I want to. There should be nothing that stops me from it or disables me from doing, giving, having and being!
Nowadays, I constantly think about the Universal laws (laws of attraction, giving and visualization, thought processes, cause and effect, on oneness of the spirit of which I'm just a part of, etc.). All of this is mind boggling.
TEM$ is a very good way to sum up what it takes to achieve anything you desire. Currently, I am at the stage where I need to work out an optimal way to put in the TEM$.
I know now that whatever I desire is achievable. I need to get my level of thinking to an extent that enables me to be natural at it. I must practice, practice, and practice. I must question the media and don't fall for their marketing traps.
I have learned about "ME" time and why it is so important and I am forming a habit to give myself "ME" time during the day.
My thoughts are much more different. I deliberately pay attention to the thoughts that enter my mind and try to filter out the bad ones. I am still practicing.
My main dream is to be in a position to:
  •  be significant in the world - to my family, my peers, to my fellow man,
  •  have a life of bliss and abundance - passive income, financial freedom, good health,
  •  give to the world - my time, value, my knowledge and ideas
  •  do those things that enable constant and never ending improvement (kaizen) - travel, fun, charity, etc.
I am going to achieve this, step by step, by putting in the TEM$, implementing all the things I have learned (above).

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