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Mike Ward

My name is Mike Ward, and those of you who have been on some of the same seminars as myself know that Hannes and I were colleagues, friends even, some 23 years ago when both and I were "new ones" at Old Mutual.

Even then Hannes was different, motivated, “op sy eie missie” some would say. But he made enough sense to inspire me to buy Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. 23 years ago Hannes unwittingly give me the opportunity to change my life dramatically. I had the opportunity to achieve similar to what Hannes has achieved to date; what he is teaching us to do now!
Put Hannes and I next to each other now and say “look at the difference between taking your opportunities and not!” Mine is the face of lost opportunity. I tell you this to illustrate to you what type of person I am – definitely not a doer!
I want give you a friendly warning, and a message of hope –it is the right time of year for hope!
During this year of personal turmoil and change, I rediscovered Hannes and subscribed to the Kaizen Challenge. It changed me instantly, positively!!
Bulbs kept going on all over the place, his lessons led me to other books and articles: the whole experience was wondrous!
However, I lost my way again. During my annual leave I injured myself badly enough to require surgery, and instead of taking the time that I had available during my recuperation to continue, I watched TV and sulked around the house. I slipped so badly that it took my close on TWO MONTHS to do the last 5 Kaizen lessons – incredibly it has also taken me another month or so (since I first did this last lesson) to write this! However, I’m back, and this time I’m NOT going to let go.
My warning is this – DON’T let life pass you by: DON’T let THIS opportunity slip away.
WHATEVER HAPPENS, take charge of your own life! Everyday is a challenge, a challenge to do something positive, something worthwhile, something that progresses you along your CHOSEN path.
My message of hope is this: you can be the most procrastinating, sceptical, cynical, non-believing person there is, IF YOU JUST DO THIS CHALLENGE, and then take its principles beyond the 49 days; you WILL end up a better person, with a better life!

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