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Mpho Mokobi

Over the past 49 days I have learned to keep a program and work towards a defined goal/plan. I discovered the importance of putting myself ahead of everyone(except god) and everything. I experienced first hand the rewards of total relaxation and the power of thoughts and visualization. I used the power of creative thought and visualization to plan and execute my mother's 50th birthday celebration. We had the party yesterday(23/07/2007) and it was like de javu. Everything unfolded almost as i have imagined it to be. The only difference was that it was better in real life. The moment was real. The emotions, the laughter’s, the tears of joy were all there for real. I could see my mother's facial expressions as the surprises unfolded. No one will ever take that experience away from me. I am going to use the tools that I acquired from this challenge for as long as live.

I have become a different person in a sense that I have started working on myself in order to learn, grow and become a better person for those who are close to me. Since like attracts like, I will start attracting positively minded people who will inspire me to rise to greater heights. In 2004 I was studying total quality management course through Unisa. This program incorporated the use of the kaizen principle. I did not realize/understand that this principle can also be utilized in personal improvement. It is only now that I know the best place to achieve results using the kaizen principle is within myself. By so doing I can be able to influence the outcomes on the outside.
I have taken the responsibility of my own destiny. I have become disciplined when dealing with financial/money matters. I know that the only way to solve money matters is to implement firm and good financial management skills. I have eliminated emotions when making financial decisions. As a result I cleared all my unproductive debts, and will only use only money that is available to purchase goods.
This challenge has helped me to acknowledge and come into contact with my spiritual being.
All that is required from me onwards is the challenge of upholding and maintaining all that I have learned and achieved over the past 49 days. I have to create a balance in my life so that the transition from old to new is not viewed by others as looking down on them. I need to get people to realize that the changes in me have nothing to do with them personally, but just me growing and trying to learn and experience new things in life.
My dream is to live a successful and fulfilled life.

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