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Petra Coetzee

To think back 49 days is to realize “that you do not know what you don’t know”!  To now, for the first time in my life, discover the truth and nothing but the truth, is fantastic!  We know that the oldest trick the devil uses, is to take the truth and twist it a little bit – I call it the hamburger effect:  Nice, attractive lies, the twisted truth, covered by some more nice, attractive lies….and we fall for it every time?

!  Jesus was himself told by Satan in the desert that he would give him everything but Jesus knew better – everything IS already His…  For the first time my understanding of the Bible makes sense, and everyday life too…  For now I know and understand to desire something is fine, to want it is fine too, to pray for it in a different way now so that it is good for myself, others and for the greater good, to believe that it is already mine for the taking (visualizing & Powermorphing), and also adding deeply felt thankfulness when praying, also a knowing and understanding that my Lord Jesus Christ came to this world, to pay for my sins with His life and blood, so that I could have life in abundance!  So that I can have health in abundance, so that I can have wealth in abundance, so that I can have love in abundance, so that I can have prosperity in abundance, so that I can have peace in abundance, IF I ONLY WANT TO…..

I now understand that God made me into His image, He made me perfect, giving me all the tools (myself, my own mind, the Bible & Hannes Dreyer as a friend!) that I would ever need to have the most wonderful life I could ever imagine.  I now know that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, wealthy, prosperous, harmonious & happy!  In the past I might have denied my greatest asset in ignorance:  my own mind.  Even the Bible teaches to change your thinking….

As a Relexologist I am the first one to preach “that for every thought you have, there is a chemical reaction in the body”, but do we not teach what we most need to practise?  Just to know that you need to think better thoughts is not enough……if you know better, you can do better…  But first you need to know…
And for teaching this powerful knowledge and truth, CAN truly set one free!  When we know better, and can understand the difference between right and wrong, this then becomes the choice you willingly make…hopefully after these lessons one can make an informed decision!  To change, we must change, everyday, in small ways, to be changed completely after a week, a month or a year…   It is good to know, but better to do, one must become….all this new info need to be a part of you, so that the automatic choice one makes, becomes the desired results we are all looking for in life:  health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace, harmony & happiness.
To look back at my past is very hard, since I really believed that I was playing the main role in an “Alfred Hitchkock”-riller movie…I was shocked that my first husband could beat me up for no reason at all.  I think that the law applies of like attracts like, and for some reason, the worst came out in both of us… It took three years to realize that he will not change, and I could no longer exist like that, and tried to take my own life.  Still loving the guy, I still could not file for a divorce, but got a protection order from the court.  Only a peace of paper that did not even keep me from harm.  Only in the court did I realize that not even the justice system would protect me – it is my responsibility to protect myself!  I had a major fight with God because I know he hates divorce, so I even experience guilt…  I got out of the situation to pick up the pieces again, to become myself again….to discover myself again, to be allowed to discover myself again.
I went on further to study Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy & Body Therapy.  I got all my ITEC qualifications in all of these areas which are Internationally recognized.  I also studied Reflexology with the International School for Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, which affords me as member of the Allied Health Professions Council, complete with my own practise number!
I went into sales for a while, and discovered that chasing money is not worth while… I want to help people.  So I opened The Health Studio in Hazyview, then in Meyersdal Alberton, and (after my motorbike accident) eventually in Phalaborwa.
I met my marvellous husband in Phalaborwa, and now we own a business and a B&B together!  Since after having Hannes Dreyer as a friend, coach, mentor, our lives changed dramatically….not only financially, but on a spiritual level as well.
Two of the three properties we own were bought on auction:  one is now a B&B, and the other is a “for free” house in town.  I do believe we worked well with money in the past, but now we even do better because of the tips Hannes has shared with us.  We still have a lot to learn, and this is what we are busy with ~ learning!!!  So keep sending information please ~ our minds is sucking it up like hungry sponges!
With great money comes great (even greater) responsibility – and when I look back we are now responsible for so much….it is a privilege and honour to be in custodianship of so much, and after all these lessons, we are worthy!  It is clear that one must operate (in life & business) from a good place, because like attracts like…
I saw & experienced this in our B&B.  The people that did not fit into the bigger picture, got rid of themselves, and now I sit with willing people – people that want to do the work the way I want it done….FANTASTIC!  Now I can truly concentrate on marketing my B&B, and not worry about the small stuff (that is the manager’s job!).  I can now focus my energy on my hubby’s business, even join him (because we have been living apart from one another because of the B&B and business).
We will spend more time with each other (goal we share), to enjoy each other, work together (we still have some bills to pay, and we do need a goose to produce golden eggs for now…) but at least we both know that we will not do this for too long anymore.  We need to learn more about how to become financially independent (the next Hannes Dreyer course we want to attend!).  Once we know how, and make it our own, we can apply, reap what we have sown, sit back and enjoy life a little more….!!!
If anything, I discovered from looking at the wheel of life, how out of balance my life is…..it seems to be all work and no play…..not even time to spend with the self for true growth to happen!  Like I said before:  if you know better, you can do better!  In my case it is not TV taking up precious time, but business!  Because we use to believe that hard work brings the goods…now we learn to make use of other people’s time and effort (the B&B manager for example).  The hubby and I still have to see what we will do with his business, for it would not be as simple as to appoint a manager for this business…it is the biggest income generator at this time though…..more thinking needs to happen around that obstacle.  It is also clear that the spokes of the wheel of life is in my case out of balance, because even if I want to read the Bible more for example, time is really a problem.  I am not an early bird, and since we give breakfast early sometimes, it moves to a spot a night, but usually 10/11 at night I can’t even see straight, let alone read something….
My main goal would be to accomplish more balance in every area of my life, so that I can live the life I want, and share more with my hubby….for now I am deprived of his wonderful presence.  Since the course, we at least now operate in the same manor and on the same page, and now we can truly assist one another to grow….grow together, just the way I envisioned it to be…..for now all my wishes is being granted:  the man of my dreams loves me and I love him, and for the first time our goals are aligned and we talk the same language.
It is no longer only my responsibility to work with money, but his as well.  In the past he said that he will make money, and I need to learn how to spend / invest it wisely.  And so far we have not done too bad….but now we will do even better….for the first time he is actively participating in building wealth & prosperity.  He too is now studying your property course so that we could both participate in auctions.  The investment part use to be my responsibility, and I think we lost some deals because he still believed in location, location, location.  And no matter how much I explain that that does not matter, as long as the bank can find value in a place, you have a deal, it was like talking to a wall….  Now we do not have those fights anymore, because he educated himself the Hannes Dreyer way, so now we can hunt for bargains together!  Something nice to look forward to!!
So even in my relationship with my husband I have gained a guy that I love and appreciate even more than in the past – and if you knew me well, you would think it not possible that I could be more in love than what I was, but I am…..I love Dries every day more and more, he is becoming exactly what I wanted in a partner, not that he was not before, but now it is more amplified so!  He treats me different in small little ways, that make my world spin round because of your course!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I hope my husband sees little changes in me too!
I always had to do lists for the day, so that is nothing new to plan my day.  This course made me realize the lack of action in some areas in my life…
I discovered myself in some ways again, and I realize my weaknesses, and on those I have to work very hard to change some more!  Old habits die hard, like smoking.  I want to give up smoking.  I know I have to for my health and overall well-being.  I will need determination and time, to go through the process again to successfully accomplish this, and I know I need to sort out my mind before attempting again.  But not attempt, but to accomplish successful results….
I use to be aware that there is a photocopier above my head, going where I am going, catching everything I say, and printing it for me…..or so I thought, and that influenced what words came out of my mouth!  Now, even before I speak, I realize that I need to be in total control of thoughts, because that is where all creation takes place……..something I never understood.
To always want to learn, to want to educate the self, to discover what the truth is, to take responsibility for any of the choices I make in life, to be aware of what I am thinking about, to share thoughts with mid-like people, and not throw your pearls for the pigs!  To guard your thoughts, to believe enough in myself, trust myself with myself, to be powerful, because I am all these things already!  I am not ordinary!  I am the best at this moment I can presently be….tomorrow I will learn something different which might influence my existence today, but always for the better I hope!
I also need to look some more at the past, get those geraamtes out from the cupboard, dust them, work with them, see it for what it was – a neutral event, take the negative charge and change it to positive (something I still not understand fully, or really know how to do…..) but learn and keep on learning.  Something’s remains challenges, and I did not overcome all of them, and hopefully God will spare me another few days to sort it out, to have the privilege to life the wonderful life he promised me!  It is my choice to life and be the best I can be, to grow as big as a mountain, and maybe even move a mountain when my geloof is as big as a mostert seed……
I always wanted to help people, now I think I even do it better!

My hope is to secure financial freedom, to spend as much time with my hubby as I want to, where I want to, for as long as I want to……I have so much love inside, that I want to share it with the world!  I want to visit places I have never seen before with my hubby, I want to drive a SLK, I want to be there when my hubby buys his farm, when we build our warehouse at the sea…..in fact I just want to be loved by my hubby, and if I can be with him, I will truly be blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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