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Phillip Briedenhann

For 58 years I was programmed to live a mediocre life.

I worked as hard as I could - but could not become rich.
I dreamed - but it stayed dreams. I did not know about the law of the “Power of Thought” that is controlling my life. I was completely ignorant as far as money matters were concerned.
I searched for, and tried a lot of ways to become rich. The knowledge I gained, did not tell me how to become wealthy.
My dream, and my goal were to retire at 65 and have at least 1 million rand in the bank. I worked hard, took risks and made a good living.
Then a few things went wrong - I made a few bad decisions, a few mistakes and lost everything.
I had to start all over. We continued with a business that generated “enough” money to live a normal life. I accepted that this is my portion in life and I must be satisfied with it.
4 Years ago I bought a 9Ha. property in the town where we live for R500 000. No more risks, no more goals, no more dreams, no retirement plans. I was caught up in the way my life turned out and was contempt.
A year ago I started thinking about development on this property, but had no definite plan and goal at that stage.
I attended a presentation by Dr. Hannes Dreyer, and knew that this is what I was looking for – A Successful Role Model who is willing to share his immense knowledge with me and mentor me, and who I believe in and will follow with zest and dedication. I realized that I would have to turn my whole life 180 degrees around. I knew that more than anything. I wanted to become wealthy and successful more than anything. I am willing to spend all the time and effort to learn how to become a Wealth Creator, using Power and not Force to achieve my goals.
 I decided to get out of my comfort zone and take immediate action and responsibility for my own life, and subscribed for the Mentor program and the Kaizen Challenge.
I studied Dr. Dreyer`s DVD’s on Property Investment and listened to his CDs and this made me change my mindset and my attitude.We are starting in March 2008 with a R150 million Security Complex on the property. I will be able to retire as a multi millionaire in 2 years time. I also have a similar project lined up that will keep me busy until 2013.
The wonderful aspect is to know that the money that I make will just keep on multiplying, because of the mentoring I receive from Dr. Dreyer, and principles like the Mercedes principle that is explained in the lectures. My children are also doing the course, and what a blessing to know that they will be in the 1% of people that can also retire wealthy one day.
Time to do it was a big problem, but I was determined to invest the maximum time, effort and money into the Mentor Program and the Kaizen Challenge. I have embarked on this road, and I do not do things in half measures. Failure or stopping halfway was not an option.
I started by evaluating everything that I did everyday – determined if it was positive, productive and necessary, and if it was, was I using my time efficiently? I then re – planned my days and created time that I could spend with my Mentoring program and the Kaizen Challenge. I studied every day’s lesson and analyzed it. I measured it against my life, determined in what areas I had to change, and draw up a plan to implemented it.
What an uplifting, wonderful and exiting experience it was.
I could not wait to do every day’s lesson and exercises. The truth and knowledge contained in it is life changing. So many things that I did not understand became clear to me. Everyday was like opening a present – not knowing what to find inside but knowing it is something good. All the lessons are always positive.
The Kaizen Challenge taught me to make success a habit, by setting daily goals and applying the discipline to achieve it.
I am on an a very exiting “High”
I have discovered a new” ME. ” I can be what I want to be.
Applying the Kaizen principles made me a different person than I used to be. Every day I progress and improve, even if it is a little bit. Footprints, in the sand of time, are not made by standing still.
I create time every morning to meditate and get to know myself.
I took the responsibility to create a well-balanced life of abundance in my finances, health, relations, love life and spiritual world.
I work and improve on aspects like being a gentleman, courtesy, empathy, balance, humility, my patience, faith, respect, friendliness, decency, being positive, using superb language, etc. The more I applied my thoughts and attention to it, the easier it became. For instance. - My language use improved tremendously. I make an effort to use pure, well-formulated accurate language. This gives stature and respect to man and is the passport to success, and is personally very uplifting.
Man alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can think and make his thoughts come true. What we think, we become. Scary ! – unless you take control over it.
I learned how to consciously adjust the chemistry of my brain’s cranial fluid, in order to increase my natural abilities. I keep on programming myself with thoughts that are progressive, constructive, and positive kind things, knowing that the light in me will prevail over the darkness. I strive to make my brain alert of my surroundings – identifying and filtering all information, and allowing only the thoughts that I want to enter my sub – conscious mind. Each and every day I replenish my mind with positive thoughts, and am elated by the perpetual positive effect it has on my life, some small and some tremendous. This process is exhilarating, addictive and fun, and a great benefit for everyone surrounding me.
I have rediscovered what hidden power and qualities are in my inside world.
I changed my mindset and created a system that works for me. I am willing to put in the Time and Energy to learn how to live a live of health, love, good relations, stability, prosperity and sustainable abundance
I love people. I make an effort to be as attentive and positive to them as I can, and speak only positive and good things into their lives. I believe you reap what you sow. I am now also deeply aware of the effect of the company that I keep. This is having a tremendous positive effect on my relations with people and on my daily life in general. I want people to want to be like me.
I am my own most important resource, to make my life work. Life rewards action. Until my knowledge, dreams, awareness, insights, plans and understandings are translated into action, they are of absolutely no value.
Success will not lower it’s standard, so I have to raise mine.
I merely lived from day to day – not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I took responsibility for my life and compiled a “ Life Management Plan”. I make sure that my goals will lead to true wealth in all areas of my life. I make sure that my goals are good for us, good for others, and good for the Greater Good and are in line with the Universal Principles of God.
My biggest challenge was to change my mindset. I had to rectify 58 years of wrong programming
I sow positive spiritual seeds in my sub – conscious mind, knowing that my sub – conscious mind is omni –potent.
If I do not succeed I simply keep on trying until I succeed.
I realized that the spiritual comes before the physical.
To create my developments, I idealize and visualize what I want, and then determine the actions that I must take to materialize it.
I believe that the knowledge of the laws that govern wealth is documented, and I will spend time, Energy and Money to change my mindset and invest in myself and eliminate my ignorance completely. I will make calculated decisions and not gamble.
I now exercise daily for 30 minutes. It makes success and discipline part of my daily life. I live a productive and healthy life, and I am very careful with my diet, preventing junk and processed foods as far as I can. I learned to eliminate red meat and sugar and eat a lot of fresh fruit.
I begin every day with Scriptures and praying aloud with my wife. This gives me insight into her inner person. This also affords me the opportunity to try and rectify some of the aspects that she is praying about, and likewise she listens to my spiritual needs. God says where 2 or more gathers in His Name, He is there and he is listening.
I am aware of God’s Omni – Potency and Presence all the time.
 I created “Me” time and I spend time meditating about all the things that is happening, so that it is clear in my mind what I am supposed to do.
I strive to be in the “Secret place of the Most High” every day, and to be in God’s perfect will. I seek the Kingdom of God first. I try to get to the Truth, looking deeper than the eye can see.
It is imposable to do the Kaizen Challenge and not change for the better. I will always apply the Kaizen basics in my life and improve positively. It is fun and uplifting and the benefits are tremendous. It is in my hands.
Thank you Hannes and your family for this great knowledge and effort that you have invested into our lives – May you reap a hundredfold what you have sown into our, and all your student’s lives.

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